Hangin' Tough!

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.
Listen up everybody if you wanna take a chance.
Just get on the floor and do the New Kids' dance.
Don't worry 'bout nothing 'cause it won't take long.
We're gonna put you in a trance with a funky song, 'cause you gotta be
Hangin' tough, hangin' tough, hangin' tough.

Seriously, though, this post is not about the New Kids on the Block (or as I call them now, the Old Men on the Block.   Did you see their New Year's Eve performance?  Wow.  Weird to see them dancing around now, huh?)  Man, I used to LOVE NKOTB!  Who is your favorite?  Mine was always Jordan, go figure.  He still is, too.  ; )

My friend Suzanne recently asked me to share my entryway solution, and I thought I'd oblige her... and Sharon provided the perfect segue with the frame wall she shared yesterday!  (Gorgeous, by the way Sharon!  She has done amazing things in her apartment.)

While I have grown to love my home, an area of concern for me has always been my entryway (or lack thereof).  When my guests come over, there is very little area for reception and welcoming, so they quickly make a dash for the living room and typically purses, coats, and keys follow them to that area.  I knew something needed to be done in order to accommodate my guests' personal effects. 

So I put some decorative metal hooks on the wall with frames around 'em.

Here's what it looks like with things on it:

My MIL gave me "Green Bags" embellished with photos of my dog on them a few years ago.  Precious, right?
Yep.  It's just some hooks I bought for a few bucks and frames with the glass and backing removed and discarded.  The project total was $18.  The frames prevent the keys from scratching the walls, so they actually serve a purpose while looking glamorous.  I used an anchor that could support 50 lbs. for the each of the hooks in order to accommodate the heavy bags that most of the women I know seem to carry.

The framed hooks also provide a great decorative place to hang my crafts to display for the blog (if you haven't noticed!)

See, the framed hooks really do come in handy.  And when I'm not taking bloggy pictures, those hooks house a whole host of, umm, junk.
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  1. Haha girl, you crack me up! New Kids On The Block - watch out!

    Everybody's always talkin' 'bout who's on top.
    Don't cross our path 'cause you're gonna get stomped.
    We ain't gonna give anybody any slack.
    And if you try to keep us down we're gonna come right back,
    and you know we're
    Hangin' tough, hangin' tough, hangin' tough.

    Also, I've always loved your hooks and frames. :) What a creative solution, and it looks so good!

  2. Ditto on loving the hooks and frames. Good to know you reinforced them! :)


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