Heart Garland

Our apartment looks a little emptier with all of our Christmas/winter decorations gone. So the solution? Start on Valentine's day decorations. I came across the blog Noodlehead, and wanted to do some rendition of her pom pom window garland. So I combined her window idea with Tristin's circle circle dot dot garland method to create this heart window garland.

The supplies are simple items that you probably already have lying around your house.

What You Need:
  • Scissors
  • Glue (you can whip out your hot glue gun, but I just used good ole Elmers glue)
  • Transparent thread, fishing line, or just any kind of thin thread - even if it's a colored thread
  • Lots of cardboard, cardstock, or chipboard. Whatever you have lying around.
  • Lots of magazines

Here's What You Do:
  1.  Use a sturdy piece of cardboard and cut out a heart and a circle to use as your template. You can also choose to do different size hearts.
  2. Flip through your magazines and look for pretty colors that you want to add to your hearts and circles. This will make your garland colorful and bright! It's definitely cheaper than scrapbook paper, and if you're like me, you already have tons of magazines lying around.Cut out hearts and circles in the colors you selected using your cardboard template.
  3. Using your templates, cut out hearts and circles from the cardstock or chipboard. This will serve as a sturdy backing to your hearts and circles.
  4. Now, taking a cardstock/chipboard heart backing, apply glue, add string on top of glue, and top it off with your colorful magazine heart. Alternate hearts and circles, and leave some space in between each heart and circle for a floating affect. I chose to alternate the lengths of my strands to add some interest and dimension. 

This craft is so easy to do, and it really brings out the Valentine's Day spirit with minimal effort and almost no money spent! You probably already have everything you need to make your own window heart garlands, so why not give it a shot?

Also, don't forget to cleanse your colon!
Enjoy! :)


  1. Oh Sharon... Nothing says Valentine's Day like a good colon cleanse! You crack me up!

  2. I read your post and came to comment but when I got here Tristin pretty much commented word for word my thoughts. are crazy and I love it!! Thanks for the Monday smile!!

  3. too cute! this would be perfect for a baby room too. :)

    btw you should check out this blog i found lately. i can't believe how she can make some really ugly dresses into such cute ones.

  4. you crack me up! So funny. Your garlands are darling!! I love anything pretty made from paper and consider myself a selective paper hoarder. I love the quality of paper in premier catalogues (like James Avery) and in corporate annual reports. Perfect for projects like this one. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. this garland is so cute! i can't wait to show the kids and do this with them! i featured this on my blog so that my readers can find your tutorial as well!

  6. These are very beautiful pictures which you are showing over here. And all the garland which you have here of the heart is very much beautiful. As these are mostly likes by girls.


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