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Happy New Year!  Is it just me or are you breathing a sigh of relief now that the holidays are over?  I love  Christmas and the New Year, but I also love when they're over and things get back to normal.  I'll bet you know exactly what I mean.

A few days ago, I dropped Junebug off at her Yaya and Poppy's for some fun grandparent time (and so momma could get things accomplished without a very active toddler underfoot).  This lovely wreath greeted me on my parent's front door:

Mom's Acorn Wreath

Cool, huh?  We've all had a "bumper crop" (as my dad called it) of acorns this year.  They're pretty pesky, but my mom used this tutorial from Dana of MADE to make a lovely wreath out of the acorns from the yard.  She bought the wreath form for $2 and the acorns were free, so it was a super-inexpensive craft.  The trick to making it last is BAKING the acorns!  The tutorial explains why, but let's just say it's important!  Thanks for sharing, Ma!

I also received a comment from a reader of my previous blog (Spartan Living, and sorry, I no longer post there!) where the Poinsettia Pillow tutorial was initially featured.  A reader sent me a link of how she used the poinsettia pattern on a wreath and I couldn't resist sharing!  It's so cool to see how people use your ideas!

Poinsettia and felt flower wreath

Thank you for sharing how you used the poinsettia pattern, Iris.  You can check out her full post at her blog B.Y.O.V. (Bring your own vegetables).
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