A Cameo on Canvas

Hey crafty folks!  I have to admit that amidst all of my busy-ness creating Christmas gifts, I selfishly made myself a little sentimental token.  

Here it is:

Junebug Silhouette Bag

I love cameos so having one of my little Junebug to tote around proudly is pretty precious (oh, and that alliteration was completely unintentional).

It's a pretty simple project.  If you'd like to replicate it you can check out Prudent Baby's great tips on making cameos (3 methods) and visit my new favorite freezer paper stenciling tutorial.  Combine those two simple projects into one and you end up with a beautiful cameo on a canvas bag. 

Junebug Silhouette

I think this is a gift that proud grandparents would like, too, if you're still looking for last minute gift ideas!

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  1. It is adorable! What a lovely gift it would make, you're right! I hope you stop by and enter my giveaway! It would be nice to see you there.


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