All you need is love... and mini pumpkin muffins

fall pumpkin shaped cheeseball

One of the ladies at our church is getting married in February, so naturally - a few of her friends threw a fabulous bridal shower! Tristin and I were a part of that group of friends that were fortunate enough to help host the shower. We thought we would share different aspects of the shower on the blog since shower hosting and attending (whether bridal showers or baby showers) is a frequent part of many of our readers' lives.

Bridal shower food table

What's the most important thing at a shower? (Besides the bride-to-be and the presents?) THE FOOD. Wherever there is a large group of ladies gathered, you'd better believe there will be food. Except for the super skinny group of ladies who never eat anything. We are definitely not that kind of group. For this shower, we had a grand array of finger foods (since the shower was at 10:30 AM, we opted for a lighter menu).

Bridal shower mini quiches

One of the dishes was a delicious mini quiche platter. I could not keep my hands off of these! Mini quiches are a perfect idea for any shower since they are cute, girly, and (unfortunately for my waistline) are extremely easy to just pick up and eat.

Bridal shower mini pumpkin muffins

Another dish was mini pumpkin muffins. I loved these too! They were made (with love) by Tristin's mom. They were so yummy and festive (the shower was in November - prime time for our Fall/Thanksgiving theme).

fall pumpkin shaped cheese ball

We also had a pumpkin-shaped cheese ball. (Again, keeping up with our Fall/Thanksgiving theme) Cheese balls are so incredibly easy to make, and they make a great side dish or appetizer for almost any occasion.

triscuit, cream cheese, cucumber shower finger food

Another super easy finger food for showers is a triscuit with garden vegetable cream cheese spread and a cucumber on top. The cucumber is so refreshing on top of a rich, creamy little bite. This is so easy (even as a simple snack for yourself); why wouldn't you try it?

Fruit plate

No girly get together is complete without a fruit plate. Or maybe that's because I'm obsessed with fruit.

Bridal shower lemon cake

And last but not least - no, we didn't forget it - the bridal shower cake. Since it was an early shower, we decided to go with a lighter lemon cake homemade by one of our friends. It was delicious and blended perfectly with the other items on the table.

Whether you're throwing a shower or a birthday party, food is a must have! Why not try some of our simple finger food ideas? Even though recipes weren't included, ideas were! :)


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