Linky Love: Gung hay fat choy!

No, I didn't just call you fat--I actually said, "May you be prosperous"!  Not sure what I'm getting at?  It's almost the Chinese New Year, folks!  Are you ready to celebrate? 

I always try to celebrate small holidays in some small way because it makes what would be a normal day feel a bit more special.  Chinese New Year is one of my favorites because if nothing else, it's a good excuse to enjoy some good Chinese food.

You may be interested to know that in the Chinese Zodiac, 2011 is the year of the Rabbit.

If you're interested in knowing about your position in the Chinese Zodiac it's fun to spend a few moments using google to research--or go to your favorite Chinese restaurant where they're sure to have place mats with brief explanations.  (Again, I'll make any excuse to go out for Chinese food!)

Little Birdie Secrets shares some awesome recipes and ideas for a Chinese New Year's celebration.

Martha Stewart offers some background on Chinese New Year traditions and even a printable template for red money envelopes.  Now there's a tradition I'd like to adopt!

If you're looking for even more party and celebration inspiration, check out this post from Not Just a Mommy.  You'll be sure to find some inspiration.

Be sure to check back next week because I'll be sharing step-by-step instructions on how I make delicious pork won-tons!  (And I'll be sharing my super-simple secret on how to make any chicken broth taste like the kind you get at a Chinese restaurant!  You won't want to miss that tidbit...)
Gung hay fat choy,
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