Linky Love: Top 10 Handmade Baby Gifts

Shopping for babies is so much fun--way more fun than shopping with babies.  And if you have the time, making gifts for babies can be a lot of fun, too.  I like to make baby gifts and, of course, things for my own little one.  Right now, I think I have at least half-a-dozen friends and family members who are expecting, so I'm thinking a lot about baby gifts.  It's so special to give (and receive) handmade gifts, so here's some linky love to share my FAV handmade baby (and baby-momma) gifts! 

(Boy, I sure do love parenthesis!)

1. Nursing Cover from Sew Much Ado - These are a must-have for all nursing mothers.  They're $30 at many stores, but you can make one for a fraction using fabric of your preference!  Nursing was very important to me, and doing it modestly (and somewhat fashionably) is a must!

Sew Much Ado Nursing Cover

2. Diaper Cake from Homemade by Jill- Perfect as a gorgeous (and useful!) gift or as a unique centerpiece at a baby shower.

Homemade by Jill Diaper Cake

3. Burp Cloths from Homemade by Jill.  This is a great sewing project for beginners and the results are professional and oh-sew-satisfying!  (Forgive my pun...) 

Homemade by Jill Burp Cloth

4. Appliqued Tie Onesies from Crap I've Made are such a fun craft to make for little boys.  If you don't have a sewing maching, you can try my no-sew version (a tute is offered on my previous personal blog, Spartan Living).

Crap Ive Made Tie Onesie

5. Itty Bitty Baby Dress by Made by Rae- A sewing project suitable even for beginners!  I made a black and white one for my sweet little Elliott.  She wore it once.  Go figure.  I didn't get any pictures of her in it, either.  Lame!  Anyhow, this was the first dress I ever made and Rae's tutorial is practically foolproof. 

Made by Rae Itty Bitty Dress
photo by Rae Hoekstra, used with permission

Black and White Itty bitty Dress
The Itty Bitty Dress I made for Junebug
6. Stardust Shoes - Such a cute little accessory for either gender!  Use coordinating fabric from your tie applique onesies or Itty Bitty Baby dress to make the perfect gift set for a little boy or girl.  They're trickier to make than they look, but the results are pretty fabulous!  (Silly me never took a picture of the ones I made!)

Stardust Shoes

7. Crocheted Hat from Girl in Air.  It's super simple, even for a new crocheter like me!  Below is the hat I made for Junebug using Girl in Air's pattern, and I embellished it with a crocheted butterfly from Little Birdie Secrets.

Elliott's butterfly hat I made

8.  Pacifier Clips from Prudent Baby.  I received some of these at Junebug's baby shower and man, were they handy! 
Prudent Baby Pacifier Clips

{You may be interested to know that before I had a baby I said that I wouldn't use pacifiers.  Then, I had the baby and changed my mind...quickly!}

9. Lullaby CD by Prudent Baby.  You don't have to be crafty to pull this off, but it is such a thoughful and personal gift.  I received a soothing lullaby CD in a gift basket when we returned home from the hospital with Junebug, and lemme tell ya, that simple CD meant a whole lot to me.  Soothing music really takes the edge off of the frustration and exhaustion that comes with a newborn (I mean, babies are precious, but they're not always easy, ya know?)

Prudent Baby Lullaby CD

10.  If you're not crafty, why not make dinner for the baby's family?  A meal that can be frozen would be especially appreciated by dazed and confused, sleep-deprived new mommies and daddies!

Happy crafting!
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  1. Awesome ideas Tristin. All very practical too. Hard to remember back to when your little one could fit that itty-bitty black dress. Too cute!

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