Granny Square Sweater Vest

After yesterday's Granny Square Poncho tutorial, I feel the need to share yet another granny square project I just completed.  I ran across some simple instructions on how to make a granny square sweater vest over at Creative Jewish Mom.  What?! How awesome is that concept?

I LOVE sweater vests and granny squares (obviously) so I grabbed some yarn I had on hand and got to work making one for Junebug.  Less than 12 hours later (not consecutive hours, by the way, just stolen moments here and there) I had this finished product:
Granny Square Vest

Granny Square Vest Detail

Here's to hoping Junebug doesn't hate this one, too.

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  1. Wow, it's adorable, I love it, and will happily share it with my readers in the future! all the best, and would love to see you at my weekly linking party, Craft Schooling Sunday, usually open until at least Wednesday, and always with some great features from the previous week!

  2. I love this! Found you over at Prudent Baby. Working on the poncho and now it looks like I have a project to start on when I finish that! =) Thanks for the great projects!!

  3. Oh, that is amazingly sweet! Hope the little squirt likes it but if not you've given us all a lot of inspiration. I especially love the colors. Very fun!

    1. It looks as if it's made with a self patterning yarn.

    2. It looks as if it's made with a self patterning yarn.

  4. This is cute! A great way to use up scraps of wool. Love you blog, I'm a new follower! Off to read more...

  5. Cute vest and I'm going to have to check out that pattern. Thanks for sharing.


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