Amigurumi Two!: Crocheted Toys for Me and You and Baby Too

Amigurumi Book

A while back, as in before Bennett was born, I borrowed Amigurumi Two!: Crocheted Toys for Me and You and Baby Too from the library and actually made some projects!  (Don't worry, I returned the book.  I took these photos about two years ago and never shared!). It has seriously been so long since I've completed an amigurumi project, I now wonder how I ever spent my time on cute little things like these. Maybe one day when I'm eighty I can finally do it again. And maybe even get more than five hours of sleep, too.

Tiny Turtle

He's so so so super-cute.  The author actually includes a pattern for a large momma turtle that these little babies (and some egg shells) can nest into.  Cool, right?  Yeah, I never made the momma.  My attention span just didn't allow for it.

Turtle in palm

It was a cute book and the author created very clear and concise patterns.  I just love amigurumi.  The counting is soothing and it's nice to be challenged occasionally by actually having to pay attention to a pattern.

Mushroom softies

I'm thinking about using this little toadstool in some yarnbombing.  Like this:


That'd be awesome to see on a park bench, right?!

Much love! 

 (And if you want some yarnbombing inspiration, check out my Yarnbombing Pinterest Board.)

Insta-Update 3

Melbourne, Florida is one of the loveliest places I've ever lived--and I've lived in a lot of places.  It's quaint but developed, big enough to have a Chipotle (finally) yet small enough to not have bad traffic.  The beaches are quiet and awesome, the rivers perfect for cruising, and the locals come from every walk of life though they're rarely actually from here.  Anyhow, I snapped the river scene at a local boat-ramp/playground that we occasionally visit after I was just in awe of the beautiful place that we call home.  I feel truly blessed to be here.

And the rest has to do with food.  HA!

I finally tried that whole "boil a can of sweetened condensed milk" to make Dulce de Leche and I'm happy to report that not only did it not explode like my husband predicted, it actually tastes pretty dang awesome.

Due to Benji's food phases (translated: for the last few months she starts her mornings with a banana, but now refuses and wants "my cheer-eeee-ooooh") I was left with enough bananas to make 3 loaves of banana bread.  I tried a new-to-me recipe for Chocolate Banana Bread (courtesy of the wonderful Money Saving Mom) and I totally found a new go-to recipe.  It's awesome and freezer-friendly and since making it, Benji has now phased out the cheerios and simply requests "my cookie" (aka the banana bread).

After the girls longingly stared at a cake-dome full of doughnuts until my in-laws arrived for a visit, Benji got to have her first Krispy Kreme (an event worth noting, in my opinion).  I think it took her about 4 bites to devour it. I should have kept her in ignorance a bit longer. If she's anything like her momma, this is the beginning of a life-long love affair.

Anything awesome going on in your world?  Share!

Embroidered TOMS

Before Elliott started preschool, I went on a search for the "perfect" everyday shoes.  She's a Florida girl through-and-through and lived in jellies up to the point that she was required by school rules to wear close-toed "tennis shoes".  Her narrow feet (SO unlike her momma's) don't agree with most kids tennis shoes on the market, and throw in the whole laces vs. velcro debacle and as it would turn out, picking shoes for your four-year old isn't so cut and dry.  Not to mention, this girl has her own preferences.  Sheesh.  

After much research and time spent reading reviews for all the shoes that hit my criteria (had to be able to be put on independently, option to wear without socks, breathable, good for romping on the playground, would look good with a variety of types of outfits, E likes the look) we settled for Toms. 

I may be a bit biased, here.  I have a pair of Toms, too, that I adore.  Navy blue, in fact.  Are you seeing a trend?  I think it's cool that for now she's excited to have matching shoes with me.  That day will pass, so I'm digging it while it lasts.

Elliott was SOO excited for school to start, but continued to voice one concern.  

"Mommy, what if you forget to pick me up?" 

It pretty much broke my heart.  I couldn't convince the girl that it was impossible for me to forget to pick her up, because when I am away from her, it's like a piece of me is missing and that I'm counting the minutes until it's time to get her again.  (Oh, I sound so sappy, but it's SO true!)  I decided I wanted to give her a symbol that would remind her that Mommy loves her and would always be back for her.  This symbol came in the form of a simple heart that I embroidered into the side of her shoe.  When she's sitting with her legs crossed, as kiddos in preschool do, she sees the heart that reminds her that Mom loves her and will be back for her.

Those worries have since left her tender heart, but my reminder remains, just in case they creep back in.

{Project deets: It's literally a freehand heart, backstitched with pink embroidery floss, a needle, and my hand. Cost is like 20 cents, if you have to buy embroidery floss.  Lucky for me, I have unimaginable amounts of embroidery floss, thanks to a momma who cross-stitched a lot in decades past.}

5 Blasts from the Past: Valentine's Projects

Recently I was feeling sentimental and started going through the years of old posts that Sharon and I have shared.  Oh, the crafts we've crafted!  It's funny because when I look back I laugh at my yarn choices and the dumb things I say.  Sharon's posts, I'm never critical of, though.  She's just a super-cool girl and always has been.  And yeah, I'm back to posting here and there, but alas, she's still busy with pharmacy school.  She's in her third year and it feels like (to me at least) she's in the home stretch.  We still get to hang out and maybe we don't craft like we used to, but there's just as much laughter as there ever was.  So, that's a Sharon update.

I have this sinking feeling that I'm not going to get anything awesome made for V-day, and  I'm totally cool with that.  Since it has been like three years since we've posted Valentine's crafts, it seems like it's perfectly legit to share with you some links to blasts-from-the-past V-day crafts (a.k.a. I am just not one of "those" awesome bloggers who's on top of the holidays--so sue me).  Enjoy.
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