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I don't know about you, but I feel like everyone around me is either getting married or pregnant. So much excitement in the air! We recently visited the church that my husband grew up in, and sitting around us were six pregnant ladies. Not all together - with their families, but six! Many of my friends are also pregnant. Two of which are due in the next couple of weeks! Anyways, needless to say - I've got babies and baby showers on my mind. (But not for myself!) So today, we're going to give you some linky love centered around baby showers/one year old birthday parties.

This precious ice cream bar could be used as a baby shower idea. I'm obsessed with vertical stripes.

If you're putting together a baby shower or party, you should always begin with a theme. There are so many adorable themes to choose from, and it will really help out with decoration ideas. Your theme could be a color pallet, a pattern, an animal... whatever you want it to be! Here are some popular ideas to jump start your theme selection.

Your theme could be a color pallet. Many people do pink and white, pink and brown, or hot pink and orange for girls. But check out this orange and blue color pallet for a girl. It stretches the original concept of pink for girls and blue for boys. And that orange offers such a refreshing pop of something different. I love it! Check out more color pallet ideas on Tiny Prints.

Some people choose to keep the gender of the baby undisclosed. In that case, Spearmint Baby's gender neutral baby shower color pallet is a great idea. Don't you love those chic circle mobiles above the table? I smell a quick and easy DIY project...

This woodland themed one year old birthday party is to die for! Woodland themes are very popular now, and this one found on My Sweet and Saucy is just the right amount of rustic elegance mixed with whimsical wonder. I love the grassy cameos and the random woodland scenes in the cloches on the table. You must go look at the full post- it's simply precious. And here's an idea that they incorporated that's becoming more and more popular with parties, weddings, and showers - The photo booth:

Complete with props. :)

The theme of this Katie Grace Designs baby shower was the letter "B" for "Baby Boy Bailey". How unique and adorable! Their simple and charming decorations as well as their foods centered around their "B" theme.

The next time you're planning a baby shower or birthday party - find a theme that will have your guests "aww-ing" and using the words "cute" and "adorable" all day long. Or just invite me to your party. I overuse those words like they're the only ones I know.

Happy Saturday! XO,

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  1. where did you find the brown, orange and blue invite?


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