Linky Love: December showers bring January flowers

This week's posts have revolved around the shower we helped host for our dear friend and bride-to-be. Today's linky love will serve as inspiration for bridal showers, baby showers, or birthday parties you may host in the future. It's almost that time again - shower season! I already know I'm hosting one in April. Start now and get some inspiration flowing. And because a picture is worth a thousand words ideas...

Hope this inspires you in some way!
Inspiration page by Style Me Pretty

These towel cakes are just adorable! You could use the cupcake idea as favors for guests or the larger two tiered cake as a decorative centerpiece. This idea is creative and will have your guests impressed with minimal work required! Credit to Etsy seller: luly612.

Indulge in this exquisite dessert table designed by Wedding Bells Magazine. At our shower, we chose to supply light finger-foods, but if you chose to do an even lighter morning shower, a dessert table would be perfect. 

You probably know by now that I have an unhealthy obsession for scrapbook paper. I'm just dying for the next opportunity to make these precious cupcake wrappers. Get the full tutorial here.

Martha Stewart is a great source of inspiration. Especially when it comes to weddings. Here is one of her ideas to incorporate vases of different sizes and colors, and transform them into a glorious matching centerpiece. She uses ribbon to bring uniformity to these three once very different containers. These could be used in a very formal shower setting or the idea could also translate into every day house decor.

Another Martha Stewart idea is the infamous paper tissue pom-pom. I found these a year ago when I was brainstorming about different DIY wedding decor ideas. I wish I had actually gone through with making these. This simple pom-pom could turn a great party into a grand one! Look at how they make the room seem magical and soft! She even made smaller ones for the napkin holders.Tired of the usual balloons and streamers? Try this easy DIY decor project for your next party. Get the full tutorial here.

I am obsessed with this vintage baby shower designed by Katie Grace Designs. These next three projects (all from her shower) are easy to mimic and will be trendy decor for any kind of shindig. The top photo is a personalized name banner. You can do so many creative things with this idea; including spelling out "Happy Birthday", a bride-to-be's new last name, a child's name... the ideas are endless! Dress the letters up with a great border and some fun scrapbook paper for the backing. 

The second idea that I loved about this shower was the wooden cut-out letter "P" in the awesome vintage frame. The floating effect that the "P" gives and the tilted, off-centered frame add to the wonder and creativeness of this easy project. So go pick up a wooden cut-out letter from your local craft store (these are fairly inexpensive) and a neat vintage frame from your favorite thrift store (also very inexpensive), and you have easy and inexpensive decoration that you can use almost anywhere. How great is that?

The cut-out letter "P" makes its second appearance in this simple, beautiful, why-didn't-I-think-of-that project. I have actually done this before for my dorm room in college. (Except it was an "S", duh.) All you need is a cut-out letter, scrapbooking glue, and some fun scrapbook paper (shopping for scrapbook paper is the best) from your local craft store (Jo-Ann, Michaels, Hobby Lobby - which my hubby calls "Hobs Lobs".) It's extremely versatile - use it as decoration at a party, keep the letters plain or paint them and hang by a gorgeous silk ribbon for a bridal shower, or simply use it to spruce up those bare walls (your baby's name above the crib would be just darling).

I hope you have already stopped reading because you're running as fast as you can to Hobs Lobs to pick up supplies for a new thought of project. :) Not really, I hope you waited until the end of this short blog post (come on people, it's not a novel or anything!) and are running NOW to get supplies.
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  1. Great party ideas! I love the red and yellow color scheme! So festive

  2. Love those ideas! I made the washcloth roll-up cupcakes at Charlotte's first birthday, which was cupcake themed. They turned out really cute and were easy to make!


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