Felt Flower Barrettes

I am addicted to making felt flowers these days.  Seriously, there needs to be rehab for this kind of addiction.  I stumbled upon this gorgeous wreath made by Megan of Homemade Ginger that features her felt flowers.

Felt Flower Yarn Wreath (Homemade Ginger)

Isn't it lovely?  And what a lovely door it rests on!  (Yeah, I noticed the door.  I'm a nerd.)

Megan also made adorable felt flower barrettes for her little gals, and I thought I'd give it a go, too!   You can find her simple felt flower tutorial here.

This is an inexpensive craft that does not require a bajillion special tools.  Just scissors, hot glue, felt and something to attach the flowers to.  You probably already have all the supplies needed to make these little embellishments.

Felt flower supplies

I used the flowers on bar barrettes because I already had them in my crafty arsenal.  Bags of barrettes are very inexpensive at craft stores.  I made different sized flowers and played around with the arrangement on the barrettes.

Felt Flower Barettes

My favorite was the red one with several small flowers across it.  I really liked how it turned out.

These barrettes are for my nieces, but I also made some for Junebug on a different type of hair clip.  I made the holly one specifically for Christmas (obviously!).

The holly is my favorite of the barrettes I made for Junebug.  I used teeny flowers (the starting felt circle size was a bit larger than a quarter, for reference) and free-cut a holly leaf shape and used embroidery floss to add some detail.

Felt is one of my favorite crafting mediums because it's colorful, inexpensive, doesn't fray, and can be used in an array of projects.  All of the felt I buy is made from recycled bottles and made in the good ol' USA.  Now that makes for some awesome crafting!

Thanks Megan for such a great felt-flower tutorial.  I can't wait to make more!

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  1. These are AWESOME!!! And since I have so much felt, I have no reason not to try them out. Thanks!

  2. AWESOME! I am totally making the holly hair clips!


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