Loopy Ribbon Christmas Tree

Have you noticed all of the variations of cone-shaped Christmas trees all over the home decor and craft stores and throughout the blogosphere?  Well, surprise, surprise, Sharon and I have our versions, too!  She'll be sharing a handsome tree soon--so be on the lookout--but for now, let me enchant you with this lovely Loopy Ribbon Christmas Tree.

Loopy Ribbon Christmas Tree

I chose to use the same loopy-technique that Sharon introduced on the Patterned Paper Wreath with a new medium--grosgrain ribbon! 

Here's what you'll need:
1 8" styrofoam cone (found at the Dollar Tree for you guessed it, $1!)
About 6 yards of 1" wide ribbon, cut into 3.5" lengths
Some hot glue sticks
Some kind of fun topper (the possibilities are endless!)

Loopy Ribbon Christmas Tree

To make this cheerful tree, simply fold your cut ribbon pieces in half and secure with hot glue.  Layer those little loops on the cone with small dots of hot glue, working from the bottom to the top and overlapping slightly.  Sorry I didn't include photos of the process, but I have confidence that our readers are smart cookies who can tell how this is done from the pictures of the finished product!  (Well, that, and I forgot to photograph the process... so sue me!)

I topped my tree with a standard Christmas tree bow 'cause it's what I had.  Altogether, the cost of this satisfying craft was $2.50.  Not bad, huh?

Loopy Ribbon Christmas Tree

Display your tree proudly for all to see!
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  1. Very cute! I love your version. Very lovely blog!

  2. love it very creative I am linking it to my blog as something I want to make 2011

  3. How darling! I love it and I love your blog-home!!!
    Please come on back and link up more of your goodness on Wednesday!
    All Things Heart and Home

  4. I want to say thank to you people for this great and helpful info. Thanks!!!


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