More Crocheted Stockings

Didn't you just love Sharon's Granny Square Stockings?  I absolutely adore them and wish I had a reason to make them, but we already have crocheted stockings in our family.

Twenty-some years ago, my mom crocheted this awesome Santa stocking for me.

Tristin Crochet Stocking

It has survived moves all across the globe and the country and still looks like it's new.  I have always loved the stretchy nature of my stocking because it is capable of holding so many goodies!  And waking up to feel the bumps and bulges in my stocking on Christmas morning is a memory I hold vividly in my mind.

Last year, we were blessed with our sweet Junebug and my mom, still having the original pattern, crocheted a fabulous stocking for our new little one.

Elliott Crochet Stocking

Yeah, Junebug's real name is Elliott.  Isn't the Christmas tree gorgeous?  It is embellished with beads and a crystal button at the top.  I love that it already looks vintage since it's made from a "vintage" pattern.  It's such a keepsake and I look forward to stuffing this little stocking for years to come. 

Elliott Crochet Stocking Details

You just can't get stockings like these in a store!

Tristin Signature


  1. T,
    You sure are getting great at your crocheting! They're beautiful!

  2. Do you share the stocking patterns? We have the same stocking tradition in my family. However the cousin who has always been the knitter is no longer able to knit due to help reason. I am trying to carry the torch but I only crochet. I would love to have the pattern. My email is


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