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Welcome to our first “Linky Love” post! Tristin and I gather most of our inspiration from reading other people’s blogs. So we want to regularly share with you some of our favorite links that we have found inspirational. Let’s get this party started with DIY fabric Flowers.

Fabric flowers are everywhere. I’m almost hesitant to write about them because I feel like they’re a trend that has been done over and over again. But one day I was searching online for fabric flower ideas for an upcoming project, and I was inspired by the different assortment of DIY flowers that were available. I thought it would be helpful for me to share some of the different ways to make your own fabric flowers and also some of the creative ways to use them.

fabric flower

These are my favorite DIY flowers. They are so spunky and colorful. You can use up all of your scrap fabric and materials to make a statement piece for your handbag or clothing. You can find the tutorial on Heather’s blog: Hello, my name is Heather.

rolled fabric flowers

These trendy roll-up fabric flowers made by Danielle from My Sparkle are so cute and unbelievably easy to make! I think they would look absolutely darling on a headband or some other accessory.

Frayed fabric flower

Check out Maize Hutton's incredibly adorable frayed fabric flower. I love the rustic and simplistic feel of it. I wish I had a baby to put this on. (Don’t tell my husband I said that.)

petal fabric flower

Dawn from Crochet & sweet, simple things has a different take on the fabric flower. I love all of the bright petals! I especially love the back set of petals. They give the flower so much texture and dimension.

Here are just a few more creative ways that DIY flowers are used.
I know you think I’ve gone flower crazy, but I just can’t help myself!

rolled zipper rosette flower

Here’s a zipper rosette tutorial from Ucreate.
I’ve seen these all over the place – they are very trendy and would look great with just about any outfit. (And how adorable is her little girl??)

Fabric flower hair pin

Make super tiny flowers and attach them to bobby pins for a fabulous new hair pin. Visit Freckled Nest for the full tutorial.

rosewood bookpage wreath

And finally, the breathtakingly sophisticated rosewood wreath made from old book pages. I’ve seen these in stores everywhere with quite a hefty price tag. This one, made by Under the Table and Dreaming , only cost her $1 to make!

I hope we’ve inspired you in some way,
and I hope you can’t wait to make one of these yourself!
Tell us how you would use fabric flowers!



  1. I love the book page wreath! I am definitely going to make this:-) Thanks girls...

  2. LOVE those links! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is cool! This is the first time I'm seeing this trend... i like it.

  4. These are sooo epic.. very creative and innovative.. love!


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