Christmas Day Linky Love

Merry Christmas! We hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas day and holiday season. This is without a doubt my favorite holiday - traditions.. sitting by the fire with family... the aroma of cinnamon and pine trees in the air... opening presents at the crack of dawn (or 11:00 AM if you're like my family and don't wake up at the crack of dawn. Even for presents. What the heck is wrong with my family??)

Anyways - today is linky love post day, so you know the drill.

felt finger puppets

This project is absolutely precious! They are finger puppets made from coin wrapper rolls with wooden doll heads and decorated with felt and pipe cleaners. What a fun idea! Great project to do with the kids or for the kids. I found these on Urban Comfort.

These felt pinecones are to die for! I wish I had seen these earlier so that I could make tons of them and place them all over our place. Made by Urban Comfort and featured in Family Circle -- find the tutorial and pattern here.

These are also made out of felt and ALSO by Urban Comfort, but I just had to share them with you guys! They are so modern and colorful. I already made us some stockings, but I may just have to make these too!

This pom pom snowman ornament by Homework is easy to make and the perfect gentleman. I would call him precious, but I use that word way too much. And yes, you bet I'm making some.

It's Toile Good created this ingenious way to package small Christmas gifts. Too bad it's Christmas day and hopefully you're unwrapping presents, but this idea can transcend into small birthday presents, party favors, or gift labels for year-round presents. Plus, I love cute bird shapes.

I am going to make lots and lots of these. LOTS. Rosettes and jewelry.. now that's my kind of ornament. Tutorial by Spunky Junky.

Hope you're inspired! We know it's Christmas day, but hopefully you'll still do some of these crafts before the holidays end or maybe you'll save them for next year. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!


  1. The felt pinecones and the Christmas stockings are so cute. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  2. Thank you for the kind words on the bird page packets! These were a real hit this year and hoping to do something even more fun with them for Valentine's Day! Those class parties sneak up on me EVERY time! Best and thanks again!


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