I wanted the title to be catchy. Hope I didn't scare anyone.

thick wool crocheted scarf

Isn't this thick wool crocheted scarf fabulous? It's fashionable, but also quick and easy to make! I got the pattern from Prudent Baby. The hook I used was a size N (9mm), but they say gauge doesn't really matter. I worked with thick wool yarn, but you can also use regular yarn and double it up to make it thicker.

crocheted scarfs

I also made other scarves! The striped one on the far left is one I made for the hubby. It's very masculine, and vertical striped scarves are very "in" right now. Plus, it's super easy to whip up - another beginner scarf. I'm also going to add long tassels to the ends... I just haven't gotten around to doing it. Apologies!

To make this scarf, start by chaining how long you want the scarf to be. Then, alternate between rows of single crochet stitches and rows of double crochet stitches while also varying up the color of yarn. Do your rows down the length of the scarf to get the vertical stripes. NOTE: Remember that when you are turning at the end of your rows - if you are creating a row of double crochet stitches, you must chain three and then start double crocheting in the fourth stitch from the hook/end. This counts as your first double crochet for that row. I hope that's not too confusing!

crocheted scalloped flower scarf

The other two scarves are the same. They are simply three long rows of double crochet down the length of the scarf. This means you do one row of single crochet (about 203 stitches), and then you turn, double crochet in fourth chain from hook and double crochet down the row. When you get to the end, turn, chain 3 (this is your first double crochet), and then double crochet in each stitch down the length of the scarf. Turn and repeat directions for the last row one more time. Lastly, you "scallop" the edges using a shell technique. Apparently there are different ways to shell, so choose whichever one you like best!



  1. These are soo adorable! I am always in awe of anyone who can take a ball of yarn and turn it into something wonderful! Hope you will share these with my Pink Hippo Party @


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