To add a pompom or not to, that is the question.

I've been crocheting like a madwoman and I am loving every stolen minute of it--but I'm at a standstill in one of my projects and I need your help. 

You see, I made this awesome hat:

Luke's Hat
My little Westie is such a helper!

It looks pretty rad, like something a cool skater boy would wear.  (Umm, did I just say rad?  I think I'm too old for that word.)

But, being a crafty girl, I felt it needed something.  So, how about this pompom?  I mean, I can't very well embellish a little boy's cap with a flower, can I?  A pompom seemed like just the right add-on, but I'm not convinced it's necessary.

Luke's Hat with PomPom

I made the mistake of asking my husband his opinion, and his answer was pretty classic. 

"Guys don't have opinions on stuff like that." 

Well, some help he was.  I may or may not have rolled my eyes and let out a big ol' sigh.  Sheesh.  But I know you gals can help me out!  Pompom, or plain? 

I made the beanie for Junebug's cousin (who is 17 months old) using a wonderful tutorial from Girl in Air--it's her Happy Halloween Hat.  It's definitely Halloween-y, but obviously with a color change, the possibilities are endless.

Halloween Hat - Girl in Air Blog

To make the hat a bit more manly, I opted out of the scalloped edge at the bottom of the hat and used a  plain double crochet border. 

So, would you add the pompom or leave it plain?

With or without pompom?

Please leave your opinion--it's most appreciated.  I'll let you know which way I go based on your help!

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  1. Definetely the Pompom!
    Even Mr H. has a beanie w/ a Pompom (but he only
    wears it inside the house!) :)
    The Hunts

  2. I'm with Gabi - definitely the pompom!! How adorable. :)

  3. I love the pompom it will look perfect for a little boy!

  4. For a boy, yes with the pompom.
    For a girl, I'd say no pompom.
    Merry Christmas :)


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