Granny Square Stocking

Ok, so I might have stolen this idea from the creative minds at Prudent Baby. But when I first laid eyes on the adorableness that is their crocheted granny square stockings, I knew I had to make them. :) You can find their full tutorial here.

I didn't stray from their design hardly at all. (Jeez, how lame am I? Do people still say "jeez"?) I even used traditional Christmas greens like they did, but now looking back, I wish I had tried something out of the ordinary like a brilliantly bright turquoise and a bold red. Darn you, hindsight. Some of the differences I did make were that I rounded out the "heel" and "toe" parts of the stocking to make them look more stocking-like. I also brushed out the pom poms with a bristle brush to make them fluffy and full. The word on the street is that wire brushes work the best for this. I don't have a wire brush, so there.

Your cozy homemade stocking is ready for those coals stocking stuffers!



  1. Love it Sharon! That is the prettiest granny square stocking I've seen. Great work!

  2. It's beautiful!! I really like this. I want to make one too! Just need to relearn crocheting...maybe by next year you can give me a lesson ;)

  3. This is so adorable. I wanna wear them instead of using them as stockings.

  4. What did you change to make the heel and toe round?


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