Linky Love: Winter Wonderland Edition

Amidst all of the holiday hullabaloo, Winter often is not celebrated to its full potential.  I know it's Christmastime and all, but let's give Winter some respect, huh?  Winter is upon us in just a few days, so here are a few ways you can pay homage to the season.


Once you pack away all those ornaments, you can still adorn your home with some lovely and inexpensive snowflakes.  A friend of mine and Sharon's, Amber, shows how to make snowflakes like a pro.  (I can't wait to give these a try!)

Pinwheel Snowflakes

These paper pinwheels by Vintage Wanna Bee are a fun take on snowflakes, too.  

T-Shirt Pompom Garland

This Pompom garland by Green-eyed Monster is made from old t-shirts!  Umm, can we say awesome??  Looks like fluffy snowballs and smells like fresh laundry.  Ahh. 

Walnut Wreath

Never have I appreciated walnuts as much as I do on this Walnut Wreath by Blue Cricket Designs.  My husband may cringe, but a wreath like this may soon appear on our front door!

Silver Ball Wreath

I love the *bling* on this Berry Beady Wreath over at Joy is at Home.  I think it would look especially good at Sharon's place.  Wadda ya think, Sharon?

Winter-y Patterned Paper Wreath

And, for some shameless self-promotion... Why not make the Two Girls Being Crafty patterned paper wreath with some winter-y paper like I did?  Shoot.  You'd be a fool not to.

Snowflake Coasters

These snowflake coasters are a fun accent to brighten your day and keep pesky water-rings off of your furniture.

Donut Snowman

Ok, ok.  I could NOT resist sharing these Powdered Sugar Donut Snowmen by the Idea Room.  Maybe you're a baker—maybe you're not.  Whatever.  These little guys are super-impressive for the amount of effort they take.  Santa may go back to the North Pole on December 25th, but Frosty can grace your presence until the Spring thaw.  Not to mention, those little powdery donuts are hands-down some of the best food you can get at a gas station. 

Hope you're inspired to celebrate winter this year!
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  1. You girls make me wanna run to JoAnne's. Thanks for sharing all these great ideas. I love your "linky love" posts!

  2. You totally know me well! I'm loving that berry beady wreath, and I just might make it..

  3. These are sooo adorable! I love the wintery colors! Thanks so much for following and for sharing with the Pink Hippo party! I am your newest follower


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