Linky Love: Shutters

I secretly have an obsession for shutters. I have never owned any, but I admire them in pictures when they are creatively used in the home. They have such a vintage, rustic warmness to them. (So many good words in one sentence.) And even though they are just worn, overlooked, old shutters; in a beautifully decorated space they create a sense of whimsical wonderment.

Let's take a look at all the innovative ways to use old shutters as decor and also some creative DIY projects...

Old world, rustic charm. Sigh. It's the perfect backdrop to both of these garden vignettes. 

Bringing the exterior into the interior. Gorgeous.

Make a headboard out of old shutters! I love the beach cottage feel. 
Shutters make everything more homey, don't you think?

The Nester from Nesting Place has beautiful robins egg blue shutters decorating her mantel above their cozy fireplace. It's a beautiful pop of color, and you don't need a single other thing up there.

Now for some DIY shutter projects:

The girls over at The Tortoise And The Hare created this useful and eye-catching  
Window Shutter Wall Display.They used glaze and some sanding to give it that antique look that I'm so in love with. Go check out their full tutorial here.

Gail from My (Re)purposed Life came up with the idea for this charming garden shutter bench. It's perfect!

This beach cottage peg board was the genius idea of Chania over at Razmataz
Find out how she transformed this old window shutter into something amazing.

Maybe you're brave enough to tackle a whole wall. 
Check out this incredible shutter wall made by Olive and Love. It's dynamite.

One of these days I will find the perfect old shutters and fix them up and find the perfect home for them. 
Until then, I'll just keep admiring pictures of them. :)
Do you have shutters in your home? If not, how would you choose to use them?


  1. I love that image with the wall completely covered in shutters. What a unique idea. I think it adds great texture!

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