My first Amigurumi - Koko the Koala!

So maybe I can't say the word "amigurumi" without stumbling over it, but I learned that I am actually capable of crocheting one of these little cuties.  Amigurumi is something I've wanted to try for quite some time so yesterday I picked up a hook and yarn and got down to business.

koala Amigurumi

Isn't he precious?  I named him Koko because my hubby's Uncle and Aunt have a dog named Cocoa and it's SO cute when Junebug says it out loud--I wouldn't mind hearing her say Koko all day long (it's better than her usual word, "NO"!).  I found him on Craft Passion, though the actual pattern comes from Woman's Day.  Craft Passion offers may great tips for making the little guy successfully.

If you're a crocheter and have been scared of amigurumi (like I admittedly have been) then it's high time you try it.  If I can figure it out, you can too.

Koala Amigurumi

I inadvertently shifted to the "head" directions while making the "body", so Koko's body is a bit misshapen.  No biggie.  To me it wasn't worth re-doing because it didn't look terrible (again, I'm a Type "B" crafter).

Amigurumi 009

I gave the koala to Junebug first thing this morning.  She's obviously very appreciative.

Tristin Signature

P.S. I found a blog that posts daily with free Amigurumi patterns--it's a great place to browse if you're interested in exploring the craft.  The site is aptly named Free Amigurumi Crochet Patterns.


  1. Very cute! I just finished a giraffe for a baby gift for someone at church. Thanks for the blog of free patterns. Like I need more ideas-I can't seem to finish what I have now.:)

  2. Newest Follower! I LOVE you blog! I love crafts! Please check out my blog I love new readers!

  3. Cute Kaola :) It doesn't look like your first trial and it looks perfect to me though you said the head is a little misaligned. Yeah, no biggie!

  4. I totally agree with Craft Passion!! It's so cute!!! Well Done:-)

  5. I've made this little guy before, too! I love yours--so precious. My favorite part about this koala is how dang butt ugly the version on the pattern itself is . . . makes you feel so superior when yours comes out cuter than the original, doesn't it? ;-)


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