Linky Love: Last Minute Hairbow Edition

Easter's only a day away--are you ready?  I'm almost ready.


One of the things that I just checked off my last-minute list was making a hairbow to match the Easter dress that I made for Junebug.  I'll share it soon.  If you're down to the wire and looking for inspiration, here ya go!

Miswestern Moms has an easy tutorial for a boutique-style hairbow.  This is the tutorial I used for Junebug's hairbow and I am ecstatic about the results.

Craft Snob created a cuh-yoot chick clip for her daughter.  What a great way to use some of the felt scraps that you may have lying about.

Jessica of Sew Homegrown guest posts on Prudent Baby with a fabulous tutorial of how to make Anthropologie-inspired fabric hairbows.  

The Purl Bee offers a printable template to make a sweet Rose Barrette out of felt.  I have made a bazillion of these (and by bazillion I mean a dozen) and am satisfied every time!

So, if your little one is lacking a bow to match her fancy-schmancy Easter dress, you'd better get craftin'!

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  1. thanks for sharing! i might have to try the rose barrette.

  2. I'm an adult but I have a young spirit and I have to admit it, I want to create a something like that in order to wear it because I didn't have childhood.

  3. You did a great job with that girl and the duck looks pretty good.

  4. This is a wonderful kind of art. The yellow duck looks too cute, I would lovee to make one myself.


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