{Thrift Store Makeover} Bird Branch Jewelry Stand

Don't you love a good thrift store find?  I sure do.  Like really.   I really love a good thrift store find.  I brag about them for months--just ask my friends.

I recently had the pleasure of walking into my favorite thrift shop and finding this little diamond-in-the-rough.  Nice shape, huh?  I paid 2 bucks for it--boo yah!

Thrifty Branch Redo 005

It reminded me a lot of the Anthropologie/Urban Outfitters jewelry stands that are popular right now.  Urban Outfitters currently has this Love Birds Jewelry Stand online for $39.   

UO Jewelry stand

I liked the shape of the one I picked up at the thrift shop, but I wasn't loving the wrought iron look.  So I washed it down (it was SO dusty) and spray painted it with a couple of coats of ivory spray paint.

Thrifty Branch Redo 010

Pretty awesome for $2 and a little elbow grease, huh?  What have been your latest and greatest thrift store finds?

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