DIY Photo Glass Magnets

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This magnet is pretty similar to yesterday's DIY Glass Magnets but WAY cooler because it's personalized with a photo.  Same directions, same concept, but by using a photo instead of scrapbook paper your results are a super-personalized and lover-ly treasure.

I used my favorite photo of Junebug for this magnet.  She was four months old when this photo was taken and she's without a doubt the most beautiful baby I've ever seen.  I may be slightly biased, of course.  You can use a photo of the most beautiful baby you've ever seen. 

It's currently holding a Papa John's coupon.  What, you never order pizza?  Yeah.  That's what I thought.  I know you do it, too.

My mother-in-law visited this weekend and commented on what a great gift this magnet would be for a Mom or a Grandma.  Hmm.  Do you think that may have been a hint??  She's right though; Mother's Day is right around the corner and nothing says "I'm a Mom" like a magnet with your kid on it.

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P.S. There are still more magnets to come.   ; )


  1. Super cute! I just DIY'd a magentic board for my office (so long, ugly peg board) and now I need to make some fab magnets. Thanks for the idea!!

  2. This is so cute - when your daughter gets old enough you could make her magnets to play with that feature pictures of her relatives. All kids like to play with magnets, sadly some kids like to eat them too so make sure she's beyond that stage. :-)

  3. PERFECT!!!!! Here I am, completely without an inkling of what to give my mother and mother-in-law and you just threw it in my lap. This is what I'm going to be doing tomorrow. :D

  4. Did you have this printed on photo paper or on cardstock? I want to make some too!

  5. Magnets photo are customizable so you can use a single image for a bold statement, or add multiple images and/or patterns and text for a look all your own!

  6. Personalize photo at there is a tab personalize gift and you will find amazing personalize options and you can choose any of them.


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