Nesting. Two Ways.

Do you have a "Type A" or "Type B" personality?  I find it hard to categorize myself, but when it comes to crafting, I lean more toward "Type B".  Go with the flow, you know?  Every now and then, though, the perfection bug bites me and I have a fit and throw my crafts across the room.  What, you've never done that before? 

DIY Nest 032

Recently I picked up a ball of hemp at my favorite thrift shop for 30 cents--an AMAZING bargain.  Normally a ball of hemp of the size I purchased costs like $10.  You better believe I snatched that hemp right up!  Because it's spring time, it seems appropriate to celebrate my awesome hemp find by making a gorgeous and simple nest.  Want to make one, too? 

Whether you're "Type A" or "Type B", you'll appreciate this craft because you can have it your way, just like at Burger King. A Burger King ad slogan on a crafty blog?  I'm lovin' it.  (Did you catch that?)

DIY Nest types

Regardless of the type of nest you choose to make, you'll need the same supplies.

DIY Hemp/Jute/Twine/Raffia nest

Mod Podge and a brush
Hemp (or jute, twine, raffia... feel free to use whatever you have on hand)
A bowl that will provide a good nest shape
Plastic wrap (to cover said bowl)
Clear spray-on sealer (optional)

For the "Type B" nest, I used the inside of the bowl because it provided better support for the nest shape.

DIY Hemp Nest

Paint a thin layer of mod podge on the inside of your plastic-lined bowl.  Then coil your hemp/jute/twine/raffia starting in the center and work your way up the bowl slightly.  I dabbed mod podge over the top of the coils as I went to keep the hemp from uncoiling.  Then, just start circling the bowl with the hemp in a random circular motion.  Dab mod podge on as needed to help it keep the shape.  Let dry and remove it from the bowl and spray with sealer if desired.  There you have it! 

DIY Nest 028


For the "Type A" nest, I inverted the bowl and covered it with plastic wrap.  I use Glad Press'n Seal plastic wrap because it sticks to objects.  It's a very handy thing to keep on hand for craft projects.  And leftovers, of course.

DIY Nest 001

Paint a thin layer of mod podge on the outside of your plastic-lined bowl.  Then coil your hemp/jute/twine/raffia starting in the center and work your down the bowl until your nest is the desired size.  Dab mod podge on as needed to help it keep the shape.  Let dry and remove it from the bowl and spray with sealer if you want to.  There you have it! 

DIY Nest 022

And there you have it, DIY nests, two ways.

DIY Nest types

All of you "Type A" people are probably bothered that I have the A & B out of alphabetical order in the picture.  I did it just to mess with you.

Are you a "Type A" or a "Type B" crafter?  Which nest do you prefer?

If you're feeling extra crafty, keep that Mod Podge out and make some Decoupage Eggs like Sharon did last week.  They'll look great in your nest!

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  1. I know what "type" I am but your post today confirmed it. I was wondering why you would put B before A and then read the end of the post and realized... Ugh! She got me! Anyway, I love the nests...

  2. That's awesome, I love your nests! And I didn't even notice that your pictures had type B first . . . I suppose that makes me a B myself? :-)

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  3. Lol, I noticed they were backwards and I like type A more! I think because it looks neater (neater? more neat? oh dear...) Although I may make type B to put eggs in in the kitchen. Ok, going to the dollar store ASAP!

  4. After some thought, it might actually disturb me a little to put eggs I'm about to eat into a nest. I'll stick to type A!

  5. I'm pretty sure it's Type A all the way for me. But a part of me reeeeeally wants to be Type B. Anywho, love them both!

  6. I love this! I'm totally Type A and was wondering why you put the Type B next first before I even read that little caption... haha!

  7. I prefer B which is surprising to me as my work has to be neat, very neat!
    Love Mod Podge, I recently made this with it;

  8. Haha! I'm definitely type B! And I like type B as a nest more, and A as a bowl! :D If I try really hard, and have some chocolate along the way, I can be a type A though! Lol!

    I love your blog by the way!

  9. Both are cute, but I think I like type A better hehe! :) Great work! I have done something similar before but never thought to make a nest out of it!

  10. Lovely nests, staring at the 2, liking type B better :) Thanks for sharing!

  11. Is this the kind of thing that needs to be literally COATED i mod podge to actually work? I can't seem to get my twine to hold together as I wind.
    I'm taking a break to let the first half dry before continuing on!!

  12. Chantelle, yes, use TONS of mod podge! Literally COATED--then it should work like a charm. If you're covered up to your elbows in mod podge then you're on the right track.

    Best of luck to you! ; )

  13. I stumbled across this today, had all the stuff, & made it. I made it around a square bowl I have. Turned out way cute, thank you.

  14. This is such a fun post - I absolutely want to be a type A crafter but frequently lean toward B. Or maybe I like being a B. :D

  15. I am both types too.. depending what I am going for..t hanks for the directions for both.. they are both awesome and econimical too.. Fun Project..

  16. I'm totally a type A person, but I'm loving the look of both nests for different reasons. This post cracked me up. ;)

  17. great post but PLEASE put the Type a on the left and Type b on the right.... pleeeaaassseeee.

  18. Liezel
    As far as nests go it has to = B. Bowls it has to = A. What does that make me? ABpositive ;)

  19. I choose type a! :-)

  20. Ahh! I am definitely type A. Type A's would never do the first basket. I would shiver every time I saw it. My spices are In alphabetical order neatly in my cabinet as is everything else in my pantry. I desperately want to be type b (I suspect they live longer) but alas, I cannot help myself!

  21. I'm thinking that I am a type C... because I like the idea of making them both and putting my B nest inside of my type A bowl.
    Oh ohhh!! I got it! How about making 2 type A bowls, one smaller than the other. Turn the small bowl upside down and glue it to the bottom of the bigger type A bowl (as a base). Mod Podge some fall leaves onto some balls, (would it be too much if we Mod Podged some hemp to a few ball also? Yeah maybe but it's an idea for later) then put them in our bowl/nests and Taa Daa! Fancy Smancy! ;)
    Thanks for the awesome inspiration! It's nearly midnight and it's taking all my effort not to shoot out of bed and into crafty mode haha - Missy

  22. Hey there :) tried to pin this post on pinterest but it's impossible :p looove the idea tho, guess I'll just bookmark it :p

    cheers from Sweden


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