Linky Love: Sweet, Simple Surprises

Sometimes the smallest and simplest ideas astound me. 
Projects don't have to be difficult to make a statement.

Fashionable DIY Leather bow cuff bracelet by Clemence from Oh the lovely things

Inexpensive and festive Paint chip egg garland from The SoHo.

Precious DIY Button Clock by Jess from Epheriell Designs.

 Break out your crafting supplies and jump right into a short and sweet weekend DIY project.
And remember, keep it simple. :)


  1. I love these and I love your blog. Your crafts always inspire me and I've actually done a few of them on my blog you can check out how I did them at


  2. Thank you so much for the mention of my clock, Sharon! Jess x

  3. I'm passing on an award to you today (and not because you featured one of my items, but thank you for that too!) Check it out at my blog!


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