Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails... again!

A family member is about to have a baby boy so naturally I take it as an opportunity to craft.  I mean, a gift is a legitimate reason to make something, whereas the rest is just "hobby", right?  (Though I still justify my crafting by reminding myself that it's cheaper than therapy...)

Baby boy gift collage

In addition to a few store-bought necessities (like the indespensable sleep-saving swaddle blanket) I made a few small gifts for baby Myles.  Isn't Myles a great name?

Baby boy gift Hat

This is the first hat I have not used a specific "pattern" for.  I did however look over my fav kid's hat tutorial over at Girl in Air to make sure I was starting it right.  I like the lime green and navy blue together. 

Baby boy gift burp cloths

These burp cloths are made using Homemade by Jill's burp cloth template.  Rather than fraying the edges like Jill does, I sew the pieces right-sides together with quilt batting (leaving an opening) and turn it inside out, iron and topstitch.  I just prefer them that way!

Baby boy Rocker onesie

This "Rocker" onesie was made using freezer paper stenciling.  I did a google image search for the rocker hand sign and when I found one to my liking I formatted it and went to town making a stencil with my Exacto knife.  Rock on!

Baby boy tux shirt

This tuxedo onesie also uses a freezer paper stencil.  I used How About Orange's tuxedo printable but since I did not have fabric transfer paper, I went through the tedious process of making a stencil.  I'm (overall) happy with how it turned out!  Little Myles will really keep it classy with this onesie.

What are your go-to baby gifts (both crafty and non-crafty)?  For all of you veteran mommas, what were your favorite baby gifts to receive?

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  1. ADORABLE! I love the little onesies, and the lime green and blue are awesome together! He's a lucky little boy! I love making crafty things for baby showers, too--mostly I just stick with crocheted hats and headbands--and those were my favorite things to receive, too . . . homemade gifts are the best!

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  2. They are all so cute:-)They ROCK!!! My last gift on my cousin's baby was sets of bibs and burp clothes!!! But for the new comer on September ( I don't know what has happened this year to my cousins, hehehe), I'm thinking of a crib sized quilt:-)
    They turned out great!! You are so talented:)

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  4. wow thank you so much for sharing these lovely ideas I would like to get some designs like these one, they are so wonderful, keep posting..

  5. Thanks for the ideas! I'm going to do something similar to the rocker hand for my new nephew!! Thanks!


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