Baby got Bach a.k.a. A fun printable card for big-bootied music-lovers!

Don't you love humorous cards?  I have a reputation for somewhat irreverent card-giving, and it can be hard to keep up with expectations 'cause Hallmark and I are not always on the same page.  So, I go to the drawing board and make something when necessary.  For instance, last week my gal pal Suzanne celebrated her birthday and because she's a music-lover (and a Choral director) I wanted to give a card that spoke to her.

So, here's what I came up with...

Baby Got Bach card

I even created it as a printable so YOU can give one to your music-loving, big-bootied friends! 

You can check out the printable version of the "Baby got Bach" card here

The card is formatted to be printed as a 5x7 image, then you can simply fold it into a card and trim the small excess of cardstock on the edges to make it just the right size.  The printable card is only available in black and white (since I only have a black and white printer).  To all of you who have plain printers like me but love free printables, you're welcome

Baby got Bach gift 007

I used Sharon's mod-podge coaster idea to create some special coasters, too.  Suzanne loved them and plans to put drinks on them.  That was supposed to be funny, but whatever.  I think stating the obvious is hilarious.  Maybe you don't.  That's ok.  I still think it's funny.

Baby got Bach gift 009

Houndstooth ribbon was the perfect ribbon to tie up these little gems with.  I love me some houndstooth.

On the inside of the card, instead of writing something lame like "Happy Birthday" in plain English, I wrote out the first line of the happy birthday song...  you know, 'cause I'm speaking Suzanne's language!

Happy Birthday music

And there you have it--the perfect gift for your musically inclined friends.  Boo-yah! 

(And Happy Birthday, Sue-Sue!)

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  1. I LOVE it! The coasters were awesome too!

  2. Well, you're speaking my language when you do a card post! LOve card making (as you know). You didn't a beautiful job. Mind if I steal the "note-worthy" inside? Love it!!!!!

  3. I am still laughing at the "big-bootied friends" line. This is a fun idea! I know SUE really enjoyed it! ;)

  4. HA! My kids would get such a kick out of this!

  5. I do love it, thank you!! And since I really don't have that many musical things outside of the music room, the coasters are a lovely addition to the home. I look forward to placing many drinks on them. (P.S. I'll let the "Sue" comment slide... this time)

  6. LOVE IT! so fab & so cute...just awesome idea!!

  7. hillarious!!!

    I'm featuring this on my blog today.

  8. Your Humor is right up my ally.. Love it.. Such a great idea.. Thanks for sharing.. I will give a try.. a happy new follower-ill be back

  9. I absolutely love it! A fabulous gift to all music lovers!

  10. Hilarious! Love it! Wonder if my piano students would think it's funny. . . .

  11. I love the music, my favorite lesson in the school is the music, I would like to be a teacher of music, thanks for sharing it is so good!

  12. Yes, as a music lover, myself, I totally appreciate your ideas shared on here! Superb!
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