Another Pillow: Ruffles!

What is the deal with our new obsession for pillows? Tristin said it best in her post yesterday, many times we are on the same page with our projects. And I guess pillows are on our mind. So sorry readers, but I have another pillow to share. It's a ruffle pillow. Mmm ruffles.

Ruffle pillow

No, the ruffles are not completely straight... but you know me, I hate rulers. ;) I found this wonderful gray fabric with cute little pink birdies, and I wanted to do something fun with it. Nothing says fun better than ruffles. So I went to work making a pillow with the gray fabric. I cut out a front and a back for my pillow. I made a small, rectangle pillow because I already had a pillow form that was just begging to be used (and by "begging to be used", I mean sitting in my craft supply area for months.)

For the ruffles, I cut 1 1/2" strips of fabric about twice the length that I wanted the actual ruffle to be. To create the ruffle look, sew a simple basting stitch through the middle of each strip (you can also sew the stitch on one of the sides for a different kind of ruffle). The basting stitch resembles the running stitch and is one of the simplest hand stitches to do.

Basting stitch, how to make a ruffle

Once the basting stitch is sewn down the length of the entire strip, gently pull the thread at the working end so that the fabric bunches. Do not pull too hard or you will break your thread!

Ruffles on pillow

Now sew your newly made ruffles onto your fabric that is going to be the front of your pillow. Next, make your pillow! Place your two pillow fabrics squares (or rectangles) right sides together. Sew three sides leaving the bottom long side open. Sew the ends of that remaining side leaving the center open for stuffing your pillow. Don't forget to back stitch to reinforce the stitch around the opening.  If you have a pillow form or a fuller pillow, you may need to leave a larger opening. Hand stitch the opening closed. My pillow form was so difficult to get in, so I left one of the short sides open and hand stitched it closed after the form was in.

Mistakes/Things I would have done differently:
  • I actually got really excited and sewed the whole pillow case together (save the one short end for stuffing the pillow case in) before my ruffles were even on. I still managed to attach my ruffles, but with more difficulty. Scatterbrained? Yeah, maybe a little.
  • Looking back I probably should have only used one or two colors. I think three is a bit much. Or maybe the bright cheery colors I used is a little too bright for my taste. But I have gotten a few compliments on it, so I guess some people think it's ok. 

What do you think? This is only my second time doing ruffles, so go easy on me! ;)


  1. Nice ruffles! It would even be neat to just make the ruffles as sort of a "bracelet" for the pillow and change them out when the trends change.

  2. Your ruffles are really good!!!!!!

  3. This is great!!!Thank you for the tutorial on how to make the ruffles. It looks easy!! I will give it a try, but I cannot guarantee about the result!!

    Thank you for sharing!!!

  4. I LOVE that gray fabric with the birds! Where did you find it?

  5. For Amber and anyone else who is interested -

    I got the gray fabric (the one with the cute birdies) at Jo-Ann fabric and crafts. Thanks for asking, Amber! (Isn't it fun??)

  6. Ooo... what a darling pillow!.. Love!.. Great work!.. Thanks for sharing!..

  7. I Love that pillow! It's so cute! And, ironicly, I'm making a similar pillow right now!

  8. ive been looking for grey and pink fabric for a while and this is PERFECT! to bad i have no idea how to find it :(


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