Linky Love: Fabric Scraps

 Do you have an unseemly and chaotic pile of scrap pieces of fabric sitting around in your "craft supply area" a.k.a. your closet floor? Maybe it's time you transform those awkward pieces of fabric into something you can use or even wear.

Check out this sewed fabric bowl made by Linda Permann. It's colorful, fun, and will definitely make a bold statement wherever you decide to use it. Not to mention, all of your friends would be incredibly impressed. ;)

Look at these adorable and casual braided accessories made by Ruby from Cakies. She uses colorful scraps of fabric to create these unique accessories by braiding. That's simple enough, right? You could totally do that. Find her tutorial for the braided necklace here and the tutorial for the braided headband here.

And speaking of adorable headbands.. let's all take a minute to admire these babies. Caitlin at Biscuits and Jam did a great job turning these pieces of fabric into something fashionable. Make your own fabric headband by following Caitlin's tutorial.

When I saw this Star Wars fabric scrap bib, I knew I had to share it. My husband and I don't have a baby yet, but when we do, he or she will be wearing this. (My hubs is a little bit of a Star Wars fan. Oh, who am I kidding? There's no such thing as "a little bit" of a Star Wars fan.) Heather shares a tutorial at Dollar Store Crafts on how to customize your bib to make it your own. She uses bibs that are not-as-fun (come on moms, you know exactly what I mean - all of the bibs you receive at showers and hand-me-downs that are not exactly what you would have chosen for your little one.) Cliche sayings, etc.? No way! (Unless you like that sort of thing, in which case.. Yes way!) (Are you tired of all my parentheses?)

Just to blow your mind.....
I know, right? Crazy.
Made by Craftster user Mixymo.

You don't have to make a whole skirt out of fabric scraps, but why not do a fun, easy project to get rid of some of them? And create something beautiful in the meantime. :)


  1. This is very inspirational!!! I really like the braided necklace and the star wars bib is awesome.
    Thank you so much for sharing!!

  2. I love your blog, so I'm tagging you with the Versatile blogger award:


  3. I'm totally making me and the girls some braided necklaces. Thanks!!


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