Linky Love: Chalkboard Paint!

Chalkboard paint is everywhere. I mean everywhere. It's on walls, tables, pantry doors, cars. Ok, so it hasn't made it to cars yet, but I fear it will very soon take over the world. (Sometimes I like to be a little over-dramatic.) Nevertheless, chalkboard paint is awesome! Maybe that's why people are putting it on every object they own. Anyways, here are some neato ideas you can do with chalkboard paint.

Chalkboard calendar painted directly onto the wall. Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart.

Chalkboard up your herb garden by adding chalkboard paint to your pots.

Your child will love these chalkboard wall decals by Modern Dose.

Heidi from Budget Wise Home created these awesome customizable chairs. 

Create a customized buffet table by using chalkboard paint on the drawer fronts. 
Image courtesy of

I'm in love with this adorable chalkboard paint table from Design Sponge.

One of the most common uses for chalkboard paint - labeling jars. Get the tute from Chickiedee.

We can't talk about chalkboard paint without addressing the infamous chalkboard globe. I thought the idea was a bit odd at first, but it is definitely growing on me. I may even love it now. 
Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn.

And of course, Tristin's chalkboard table she refinished for her Junebug. So, so adorable!

Chalkboard paint is relatively cheap and extremely fun to play with. I mean, look at all the unique things you can do with it! It's useful for labeling containers and displaying dinner menus or it can be a fun surface for the kids to play on. Either way, I don't see how you could go wrong! Pick it up at your local paint store and start your own chalkboard adventures today.


  1. i saw the globe a while back! such a cool idea. :) i really like the idea of the calendar, but i'm not sure that i would ever use it.

  2. I LOVE all this stuff - chalkboard paint is so fun and I just got some, but I haven't used much to do a lot more than label, but I really want to... I just have to narrow down what I want to use it for! : )


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