DIY Dessert Pedestal

DIY Dessert Pedestal

A couple of months ago, I stumble upon these gorgeous handmade vintage inspired dessert pedestals made by Linda Smith from Burlap + Blue. I decided right then that I needed one. But of course, instead of purchasing one of her beautiful works of art, I gravitated toward those four dangerous words... "I could make that".

I know I could not do the hand painting that she does on some of hers, nor could I find such adorably unique stands/pedestals that she has (although maybe you can at your local thrift store/Goodwill); but I knew that I could find some simple treasures to create a pedestal that I liked. First stop - Goodwill.

pottery barn candle holder

Yes, this is another Goodwill transformation. I found this Pottery Barn candlestick at GW for $0.59. I love it! I love how crisp and clean it looks, but it still has the antique/traditional curves and detailing. 
Basically, it's perfect.

I also found this decorative plate that had the same glossy finish as the candle stick and some traditional details. It was a perfect match. And it was only $1. I quickly checked the sizing and proportions between the plate and candle stick, and then went home a happy girl. :)

DIY Dessert Pedestal 2

A little hot glue did the trick, and I had a custom dessert pedestal for under $2. I don't have any cupcakes on hand, so these lemons will have to do. You can really put whatever you want on them. 

There are so many unique candle sticks and plates, and this project is so easy, why wouldn't you make your own dessert pedestal? Find some beautiful vintage plates or uniquely shaped stands and get your craft on!

Happy Monday! XO,


  1. These are such a great idea, I love the look of yours! Lemons are a perfect accompaniment ;)

  2. LOVE THIS! especially with the lemons. gorgeous display piece!! hugs & tfs!

  3. It was a surprise to see my country's name in the candlestick. It looks lovely!


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