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Happy Thursday Crafty pals!  I'm kind of curious--what kind of crafter are you?

Do you find a pattern or a tutorial you like and then buy your supplies and follow instructions?
Do you find inspiration with what you have on hand?
Do you just wing whatever you do?
Do you stick to one type of craft or are you like Sharon and I, going through all sorts of craft phases?

I'm a little of all of these, depending on circumstances.  A few years ago, I wasn't crafty AT ALL.  I mean, I've always had it in me, but I just had other priorities.  Now that I'm at home with the little one, I find crafting (and blogging) to be a wonderful and therapeutic outlet. 

That preface brings me to my real thought--not every craft that Sharon and I do is posted on this site, nor is every craft the result of a tutorial.  I don't always photograph and document each step of each project I do--I'm just not that on top of things!  (AND some crafts are total fails.  There is evidence of this on Craft Fail, where one of my flops is documented.)

So, here are a few projects I've done over the past few months that don't have tutorials or instruction.  Just me makin' stuff and sharing pictures with you!

Felt Flower Brooch (I've only been bold enough to wear it once!)

Projects with no tutorial 005

Beanie for my big bro, Kyler.  (In Georgia Bulldogs colors.)

Projects with no tutorial 020

Jumper for Junebug (My dear friend Suzanne graciously lent me her sewing machine and I have been loving having it around!  I drafted a simple pattern based on one of Junebug's jumpers and completed this little dress from start to finish in one naptime.  It's made from one of my old dresses that no longer fits well.)

Projects with no tutorial 022

Earwarmer for my SIL, Ginger.  (Well, Sharon's earwarmer was totally my inspiration!  The main color looks red in the picture, but it's actually magenta.)

Projects with no tutorial 011

Hat for my sweet friend, Laura. (She wore it during an awesome party at her house where we roasted marshmallows and sang late 90's alternative rock--think Oasis, Greenday, Third Eye Blind, Cranberries-- around a fire pit.  What a fun time!)

Projects with no tutorial 007

So, my crafty pals, what kind of crafter are you and what have you been making?
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  1. I'm a little of this... little of that Crafter!
    I'm a mommy, and to calm my nerves, and to get me time I craft!
    I love seeing tutorials but don't always have to time, money or supplies, so I tweak my own crafting from that inspriation. I also don't always remember where I saw something, and fail at doing it correctly, but if I do I link back, if I don't I say that and thank everyone out there who has done it before me.
    I'm also a full-time college student so I love to learn things from new people and read about their life in general. I like to go looking through thrift stores but loath that I live so far away from them, since I get the picked over items.
    And I Love your broach- you should wear it more often, I like the jumper and need to learn to use my sewing machine.

  2. I am a totally random, wing it kind of crafter. I get an itch to do something like I've seen on a blog somewhere, buy enough materials to make a dozen and only end up making one or two.

  3. I am a little bit of everything, too, though I tend to get my inspiration from items in a store while saying, "I'm not paying $X for that, I'll make it myself." I am loving my cute hat!! I just wish I had more of a chance to wear it here in Florida. :)

  4. Hi, I am your newest follower and I love what I see so far! I am a scrappy crafter, making things from old odds and ends. Right now I have a bookshelf full of thrifted clothing to be cut and made into purses, jewelry, maybe quilts. Yesterday I was gathering eucalyptus branches for something (???) and I also like spray paint and beads (not necessarily together). Oh, and I love photography too. Like a typical Gemini, I do all of these things okay to relatively well, not an expert in any ;-)


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