Awesome Homemade Headbands

Sharon called around 3pm on Friday afternoon and the phone call ended in dinner plans at my home at 5pm.  Don't you love impromptu get-togethers?  Yeah, we do.  Sharon and I threw together a restaurant-quality steak dinner within two short hours 'cause we're amazing like that. 

After our spontaneous dinner, the guys naturally retired to the living room to play video games.  So, what did the crafty girls do?  Clean the kitchen, of course. And put the wee one to bed.  And finally, we got our craft on!

Ever since Sharon's last Linky Love post about using fabric scraps, we've both been wanting to make some funky headbands.  Here's what we came up with:

Homemade Headbands 017

Pretty awesome for un-planned crafting, huh?

We used a template and pattern offered by   It was super-simple and oh-so-satisfying!

When making the headbands, we made sure to iron down the ends of the headbands up so that we had finished ends to insert our elastic into.

Homemade Headbands 011

We both got pretty annoyed while ironing the pieces flat after turning the fabric tubes inside out.  The seams just want to stay tucked in!  Ughh.

Homemade Headbands 013

It was worth the effort though, because we loved how the headbands came out.  Aren't they awesome?

Homemade Headbands 020

We're both kind of lazy seamstresses so we used grey thread for all of the headbands.  Seriously.  We didn't want to have to change out the thread and bobbin each time we made a different headband.  Don't judge!
Homemade Headbands 030

For your viewing pleasure, here I am modeling my favorite headband.  Junebug is in the background "patting the Bible" like she learns in Bible class. So adorable! 

Sharon and I took pictures together "modeling" the headbands, but the world is just not ready for such awesomeness...err...that's my story and I'm sticking to it!  (I mean, we are "Two Girls Being Crafty", not "Two Girls Being Models", right?)

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  1. Me, too!! Great job, ladies!

  2. Ohh!! I wish I had long hair!!! I love them!!!they are super cute!!! Maybe I'll be able to wear one this summer...

  3. I was just staring at my gigantic bin (turned pile) of scraps wondering what to do. Now it looks like I can take care of that and be fashionable for summer too! Thanks!

  4. Awesome! Last summer I had these dish cloths gifted to me that were a little too pretty to leave alone so I made wide headbands out of them. I'm a headband nut.

  5. I love your use of gray thread! I know it's not "proper sewing," but I'm moving toward a small collection of neutrals (white, ivory, black, light gray, dark gray, navy, red) for almost all of my sewing except decorative stitching.

  6. These are great! And reversible? Too cool! I just did a tutorial for floppy bow headbands for little girls! Stop by when you have a free moment! I am visiting from Fingerprints on the Fridge and am looking forward to becoming your newest follower!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  7. Love this! What a cute blog!

  8. Tristin these are adorable! You are so talented! I used to make these to match my daughters outfits and since I've started doing more home decor than clothing I stopped. Thanks for reminding me how simple they are and my girls loved wearing them. I'd love to have you share this at my VIP party today @

  9. Love these headbands! Makes me want to get to work on some for my daughter and me!

  10. I just made a few to take on my cruise next month. I hate turning them inside out but I ironed the seams first then pressed them flat ant came out perfect! urs r so cute!

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