Scrap Candy Designs makes a Patterned Paper Wreath

Are you sick of our Patterned Paper Wreaths yet?  I hope not!  One of our readers, Crystal from Scrap Candy Designs made Sharon's version of the Patterned Paper Wreath with a slight change and had fabulous results that we can't help but want to share.

Crystal cut her paper into 1"x6" strips (Sharon used 2"x4") and came up with super-fluffy and full results.  Didn't she do a great job?

If you want to see scrapbook paper used in its intended form, check out Scrap Candy Designs for some inspiration.  Sharon and I will continue to use it in every form possible besides scrapbooking 'cause we're rebels like that!
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P.S. If you're a reader and you make one of our crafts, please let us know.  We'd love to see what you've made and perhaps share it with our readers!


  1. Oh, that is adorable. I love all the different patterns of paper! So cute:)

  2. thank you, thank you, thank you, for featuring me! you made my day!! i just love your site & am sooooo happy that i discovered it. i can't wait to make more of these fun wreaths & try some more new twists...thinking they would make good mother's day presents too! super big hugs ladies cuz y'all totally rock!!

  3. also wanted to see if y'all were on facebook...cause if so, i totally want to be a fan! lol! i just posted a link to your site on my fb page too so hopefully a few more people will find your amazing site! big hugs!

  4. Oh that's so super awesome! I'm a big fan of Crystal's work and now I'm a fan of this blog too!

  5. That's really neat! I've certainly got enough cute scrapbooking paper to make one, but with the sideways rain we get here, it'd turn into mush after a couple of hours. I'll just admire the ones everyone else makes.

  6. girl, you could hang it INSIDE & it will look lovely! i made one for our door that leads from the garage into our house too...since so many people come that way! lol! would love to see what you create! hugs!


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