Linky Love: Spring is here! Almost.

 A little inspiration candy for your eyes.

Mmmm. Spring. The season of bringing forth life. 
I know, I know. It's only February. Maybe it's the 80 degree weather we've been having, or maybe it's because Tristin has been talking about the pollen on her car (it's ok, she knows I love her). Either way, it feels like Spring is trying as hard as it can to break through the.. er.. place... where seasons are kept until it's their time to come back out again.

Whatever. You know what I mean. 
It feels like Spring is almost here. Ergo, I have been glancing at Spring inspired crafts all over the blog-world. Shall we take a peek?

I just love love love the color turquoise. Something about it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. And makes me want to dance a little. Any other turquoise lovers out there? We should all get together for a quick turquoise lover boogie sometime. (Have I mentioned staying on topic is not one of my fortes?) Anyways, do you have some boring old (winter) shoes that you want to spruce up for the (better than winter) Spring season? Well then check out Resa Likes Colors' tutorial for her acrylic paint shoe makeover. I have become such a fan of acrylic paint. I want to paint everything. I may have to try this.

I. am. in. love. How stinkin' adorable is this? Noodlehead shares her full tutorial for these super cute gathered clutches. I already have almost all of the supplies, and you bet I am going to make some of these. They are just too cute to pass up!

Another shoe one? What am I? Obsessed with shoes?? (Yes.)
Aren't these sugary sweet nylon chiffon fleurs precious? They create such a soft, delicate, and romantic look. Learn how to make your own chiffon fleurs by visiting Grosgrain's tutorial.

Hellooo Spring!
Often we get tired of our old furniture that we are constantly staring at day in and day out. This includes our dining table. Well then why not dress it up with this super fun and colorful table runner? I love all of the colors, and it definitely screams "spring" to me. :) Get Betz White's full tutorial here.

And lastly, we can't forget Tristin's adorable fabric button earrings. I love how you can choose any fabric you want or use scrap fabric that you already have. I love choosing fun fabrics! Don't they give off such a playful, spring-y, rolling-in-the-grass-laughing feel? They're perfect for any occasion! And a definite must have.

Well folks, that's all I've got. Hope it starts to feel like Spring where you are too!
Happy Saturday! 


  1. I also heart turquoise! That shoe makeover is fantastic.

  2. ooh i really love all those colored jars. we've been collecting clear ones for now.. but i think i might have to pick up some green and blue ones as well. :)
    those shoes are adorable!

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