Linky Love: Upcycled Object Accessories

Happy weekend!  Lately I have stumbled upon some awesome jewelry and accessories that have been made from upcycled objects and today I'll share a few of my favorites.

Maya from Little Treasures shared this fun necklace.  It gets its shape from underwire removed from a bra.  Mixing crochet with old bra wires?  Brilliant!

Rhonda at Dollar Store Crafts made this washer necklace from a plastic cup and some permanent marker doodling skills.  Seriously?!  Yes, I have actually tried the craft myself and ended up with interesting results--the trick, I have learned, is to use Solo brand cups.  The generic ones just don't do the trick.  (You will be able to see my project failure over at Craft Fail soon--be sure to check it out!)

Jessica from Sew Homegrown created an awesome Braided Head Wrap from old T-Shirts.  I could never get away with wearing this wrap on my head, but Jessica pulls it off quite nicely, don't you think?  I just made T-Shirt yarn for the first time recently and it's really a much quicker and easier process than I had imagined-and the possibilites for using it are endless!

The next two recycled accessories are earrings made by Jessica of Homemakin and Decoratin.  The heart-shaped pair is made of paint chips and the second pair is pretty obviously made from Scrabble pieces!  (Y'all know I'm a sucker for Scrabble art these days!)  Inventive, huh?

How 'bout some good old-fashioned shameless self-promotion now?  Tristin from Two Girls Being Crafty (hey, that's me!) shares a super-fab tutorial (if I do say so myself) on how to make a bracelet out of a toothbrush.  Go get some water boilin', and in an hour you can don one on your wrist, too!

So, maybe you're into super-expensive jewelry, but why not take a break from the norm and make something original?  If nothing else, you'll have an awesome conversation starter!

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  1. Dear Tristin,
    I cannot describe my surprise, pleasure and honor to be here! Thank you so much on the lovely words about my necklace. That is one of those projects that can be categorized as 'from trash to treasures'! Must say that the featured projects are fabulous and my favourites are the washer necklaces and the braided wrap! Neat and exquisite work!

  2. Thanks for the feature Tristan! :)


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