I'm calling it "Scrapple Art"

Some of you from the Northeast may know "scrapple" as a breakfast dish--but it's what I  am officially calling my wall art.  Why?

Scrabble pieces + Scrapbook paper =

Isn't it obvious? 

All I did to create this masterpiece is cut some scrapbook paper to fit into an old 8x10 frame and then I came up with the layout for my wording.  In order to make our family's names fit together, I had to use the word "family" as a binding word.  Appropriate, huh?  Anyhow, I think this could work with almost any set of names (unless you're the Duggar family), though you may have to get creative in choosing a binding word.  If "family" doesn't work for you why not try "love" or your last name--or something like that?

I was given an old Scrabble game (with missing pieces) that I've been wanting to use for a project.  The frame was one I already had and the scrapbook paper came from the clearance bin at Hobby Lobby--so, my total cost was $ .16.  What?! 

I'll probably get tired of it soon, but all I'll have to do is peel the scrabble pieces off of the glass.  You could remove the glass and glue the pieces right on the paper--but since I knew I'd want the glass when I inevitably reuse the frame, I decided to keep the glass with the frame rather than risk losing it or breaking it in the meantime.

You can tell I'm the one with the kid when I present cheesy 5 minute projects like this one while Sharon makes super-fab wall art that's much more glamorous.  By the way, hands down, the wall art that Sharon made is my favorite project of hers.  I just don't know when I'll get around to making something that takes more than 30 minutes... maybe in like 18 years or so...

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  1. Tristin, this is too adorable! Love the paper pattern too.

  2. Tristin, If you run out of tiles I know a lady who has a night-job selling letters...mostly pricey vowels. Call 1800VANNAWHITE

    Also, I hope you played "JAMES" on a triple word score! --Love Dad

  3. I love your blog - it's so cute! and the tutorials are lovely and shot very well - someone's got some mean photography skills there! I'd like to feature you two tomorrow on my blog, It's brilliant idea saturday and the wreaths made of paper are fantastic! If it's not ok, let me know. If you are okay with it, get on over there and grab a button! Have a great weekend Tristan and Sharon!

  4. I think this is the CUTEST thing ever. My sister and I are obsess with scrabble. This would be so perfect for us. -Tonya

  5. omgee! i just discovered y'all's blog & LOVE IT! you gals rock! so in love i had to add it to my list of fav sites on my blog roll! can't wait to try several of your projects...especially that paper wreath. got just the paper for it too! hugs!

  6. This is SUCH a cute idea! If you have a lot of family members like we do, you can use a crossword puzzle maker online to format the names for you! Then you just follow their pattern.

  7. What a creative idea!Thank you for sharing


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