Sunshine Medallion Curtains

After 5 years in my home with NO curtains, I got brave and picked some bold ones!  Today, I'm excited to share them with you.

I'm glad that I waited this long to purchase window treatments.  Had I purchased curtains 5 years ago, I know I would have picked brown or beige, or something equally as bland.  And now that I'm getting braver and more confident in my love of color, I would have felt terrible about being stuck with lackluster curtains. 

Here's a rundown of some of the items of interest in the room:

The curtains are the Sunshine Medallion curtains from Urban Outfitters.  (Purchase with caution!  As much as I adore these new curtains, they are not even close to perfect.  The pattern starts at various points--you can notice this in the above photograph--and there are many imperfections in the fabric itself.  Luckily, the two panels I placed in the center have patterns that start at a similar place.  I called UO to seek a resolution and their only answer was for me to order several more sets and return the unneeded portion.  I think it would probably take ordering 12 more panels to "get it right" and I was unwilling to shell out the $38 x 12.  Though the representative I worked with was very nice and polite, I was a bit disgruntled at the suggestion. While they did waive my shipping fee they were unwilling to negotiate a price adjustment.  Even though I love the curtains because of their unique print, the quality is NOT worth $38/panel in my opinion.)

The curtain hardware is the Martha Stewart Living 72"-144" Hemisphere 1" Rod Set in Mahogany available at Home Depot.

The couch that I love dearly is the Amalfi Sectional sofa in Linen from Haverty's.  (The configuration we purchased is Option A Reversed).

That awesome pillow came from Joann Fabrics.

I still have more transformations and decor to share with you in upcoming posts--so keep an eye out!  Things are coming together slowly but surely!
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  1. LOVE these happy! you did fabulous girl! hugs!

  2. Wonderful job... The design and the look of curtains are amazing.. I have purchase same drapery online from Thanks for sharing.. :)

    Curtain Hardware

  3. looks great! They are really beautiful :)

  4. The pattern might look "off" to you up close, but I guarantee your guests won't be looking. They look fabulous the way you've photographed them. :) Visiting from The Nesting Place! :)

  5. they are gorgeous!! I love urban's designs, but agree that the price isn't worth the quality. these for sure are perfect in your room though!

  6. I am totally boring with my fabric choices so I appreciate someone who takes a risk! They look great!

  7. If you ever ever ever decide to get rid of these i am desperate for at least 1 but maybe 2 more of these panels. They are no longer available.


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