DIY Costumes I spotted at our Mall-O-Ween...

Junebug and I visited a local "Mall-o-Ween" this week and I couldn't help myself from taking pictures of some of the more creative/homemade costumes.  I am a crafter, after all...

Wanna see 'em?  Well, of course I'll share!

amazing cupcake costume

This little cupcake was amazing!  Her mom made the costume with a lampshade turned upside down at the bottom and used buffalo snow on top for the frosting.  The sprinkles looked like colorful foam sticky sheets cut into small pieces and stuck on.  I forgot to ask about that, though--I just assumed.

The little gal was adorable and at one point fell over and couldn't get up by herself.  She wasn't hurt so it was pretty hilarious.

It's always nice to have Ghostbusters out and about on Halloween where ghosts are so prevalent.  This little guy's momma made his ghost-busting accessories out of upcycled items and duct tape--so cool!  She also made his trick-or-treat bag out of duct tape.  The momma said she loves to create with duct tape--it made me want to go get some!

I'm not sure if this little owl's momma used a pattern or not, but it's a pretty impressive costume either way.  By looking at it, you can figure out the basic method.  Aren't the colors precious together?  So girly and sweet.  I actually created an owl costume for an infant a few weeks ago--just haven't gotten around to sharing it yet--but keep your peepers out for that if you give a hoot.  Ahh, owl humor.

At the mall, we ran into Junebug's friend Kylie who was dressed up as Medusa.  Y'all, she has had her heart set on being Medusa since Halloween of last year--how cool is that??  Kylie's momma found a cool headpiece online, but my favorite part was Kylie's make-up.  Her mom put a fishnet stocking over her head and dabbed on green eye shadow to create cool-looking scales.

Lemme just say that if you're looking to win costume contests, dress your little gal up as Medusa.  The adults were crazy about this costume and kept commenting on it.   It was seriously awesome.  And yeah, this cute little Medusa (has that phrase ever been said before?) won the costume contest!

Here's my little shark protecting her personal space while taking a picture with her friend.  She's so much like her mother.  Good grief.

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  1. Oh my these are fantastic!!! I love the Medusa and the cupcake. I think that I may use the cupcake one next year for V. Thanks for sharing, these were fun to see!

  2. Way too cute! Love the cupcake costume. So original!

  3. I had a toddler dress pattern that I scaled down a bit to fit my little owl better. I cut feathers out of felt and sewed them on the front before I finished assembling the dress. I found a pattern (in a kids clothing sewing book) for a winter-type hat with bear ears. I used the pattern to make the hat, but made some owl ears instead, and added a cute little face.

    It was great to see some homemade costumes amongst the sea of polyester princesses!

  4. I never even thought to use the foam sticky sheets!! That would of made things so much easier! I spray glued them on. :/

  5. How do you think the lamp shape stayed up ? Like suspenders? Also do you think te cotton Was pinned to a shirt or assembled that day? Thats the best cupcake I ever seen!

  6. I used ribbon (hot glued on) as suspenders for the lamp shade. I used white felt which was tuckd into an 18" embroidery hoop. I spray glued the buffalo snow to the white felt. It was really fun and pretty easy to make! I just wish I had thought of the foam sticky sheets instead of spray gluing the sprinkles on.

    1. Where did her arms come out? Also, was the 18" hoop around her neck? waste? What is the hoop suspended from? Thanks for any help you can provide!

  7. I love the cupcake costume gonna try this with my niece for halloween

  8. I love this cupcake costume. It's so cute and adorable.

  9. I love the cupcake! Every year I am always trying to come up with a great costume to parade for the kids at school. I think I might try to make an adult version of this. I am not very crafty so we shall see! I was wondering how the hat was made and also the cherry? Thank!!!!

  10. Nice post! I love it! Halloween is just around the corner so I am searching for some nice homemade halloween costume ideas to try this year's Halloween. Thanks to you I just get some idea. thanks and keep sharing nice ideas.

    ~ Barbara

  11. So cool! Thank you for sharing. Don't you love the creativity out there?! I am featuring the cupcake costume from your post on my blog! I hope you'll stop by and check it out! :)


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