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My gal pal Suzanne is expecting and I'm excited to be planning a baby shower for her.  Due to the large number of guests and the size and layout of my home, we're opting for a "come-and-go" shower.

I realize that some people view "come-and-go" showers as tacky and unrefined (hmm... seems like I've heard that phrase before), but that's not the question I'm asking today. 

My question is:

suzanne shower invite for blog

Does this invite get the point across that it's a come-and-go shower?  If you read it without the preface I gave, would you "get it"?  (The black bars cover personal info; those will NOT be on the actual invite.)

The shower theme is clouds and raindrops (if you follow me on Pinterest then you've probably seen quite a bit of my inspiration).

Also, you may be thinking, daaaang, Tristin is way on top of things because it's October and she's planning a January shower.  Well, folks, I am SO not on top of things.  It's merely out of self-preservation that I'm already working on this shower.  You see, right after Christmas I'm helping with a New Year's wedding in Tampa, and then hosting this shower the following weekend.  It's all stuff I love, so I'm super-happy to do it, but because of the busy-ness of the season, I know I have to be ready early so I don't have a mental breakdown later.

So, does the invitation get the point across? 

And do you like the theme and style of the invitation?
And just for grins, what are your thoughts on come-and-go showers (if you hate 'em, you're welcome to say it but please do so nicely!)?

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P.S.  I designed this invitation using the free features offered by Picnik.


  1. I think it's perfect. I've felt compelled to stay the entire duration of a baby shower despite needing to leave early. Love the clouds & raindrop theme.

  2. Makes sense. And if there's a phone number behind one of the black boxes, the confused can call. Alternately, you could use the phrase "open house" somewhere.

    Frankly, I haven't been to one in this style, but I'd love it! 1) doesn't suck up most of my day like a Saturday afternoon "come and stay" affair does; 2) I can swing by and give my wishes even on a day that is busy; and 3) I don't have to play games involving baby food and diaper pins. Yay! I think your guests and honoree will love it.

  3. I threw a come and go shower for my sister and we opened presents on the hour so that those that came would see their presents opened if they wanted to stay that long. I think the invitation makes it clear and I love the theme too!

  4. It's pretty clear, but adding "come and go at your convenience ANYTIME between..." (not in caps of course but I can't do bold or italics on here)

    As for a come-and-go, great idea!

    The theme I am not so keen on, clouds and raindrops are generally kinda sad and depressing (unless it's a Spring Showers and that can't be the case in January)and having a baby should never be that.

  5. I think it is a great idea because I too have felt compelled to stay through the whole duration of a baby shower when I had other places to be. I like K2's idea about opening gifts on the hour!

  6. I think your point comes across...and I agree, I hate to feel like the last one to arrive and first to leave, so this gives people the option to arrive later if that works or leave earlier, or do something in the middle...cute invite! Hope it all goes well!

  7. I like the theme. Also, I am a fan of "open house" showers, and I really like the "come and go at your convenience". That really gets the point across better than calling it an "open house" shower. Plus if people want to come at the beginning and sit through the whole thing then they can (but most probably won't.)

  8. Invitation is clear-and cute! I've never been to one, but been invited, just couldn't go. I'm sure it will be a lovely time and I would think those guests (maybe older) who are used to a more traditional type shower won't like it, but you could always have the guest of honor open those gifts when those attendees are there.

  9. If someone doesn't understand the drop in and out, then don't let them drive a car. Crystal.Clear.

  10. I like it!! I love rain. A cute gift would be a mobile with clouds rain drops a sun and a rainbow. Also the come as you please is really awesome. I don't know many people who love babyshower games and all the awwwwwws with gift opening lol.

  11. i love your blog and everything you make! first, i adore the clouds and raindrops. it's especially appropriate here, because it's such a subtle baby "shower" reference, too! the only problem i have is with the idea of a come and go shower. i don't think it comes off as "we're being considerate of your time, so don't feel compelled to stay the whole time", though that may be true. i think it comes off as "we value your gifts more than your company, so just drop off your gifts, stay for a respectable amount of time that doesn't seem rude, then leave." even though some may view it as a drag to stay for the entirety of a party, that's what a party is all about! it's about getting everyone together at a time and place and sharing an experience - in this case, celebrating a baby. it's better for the guests and for the mommy to be: people will drop in when there's already stuff going on, and will feel much less welcome having to butt into an ongoing party; the mommy-to-be will have the opportunity to have a memorable moment of looking around and seeing all her friends there at once. with a come and go, she won't have the opportunity for that moment. i think it's much better to have the party set for 10-2. again, i love your blog and look forward to all your posts! you're a great friend for helping with this shower! :)

  12. Yep, I think the point is clear. I love that concept of come-and-go. Nice job, T (let me know if I can help out!) :)

  13. I think the instructions are pretty clear too. I've never heard of a "come and go" shower but I love the idea. I'd be able to attend a lot more showers if more people were into the come and go idea!

  14. It seems perfectly clear to me, though I've always heard it called a "drop in shower" instead. Having been the recipient of drop in wedding and baby showers, I haven't felt the least bit slighted, especially given that they involved larger guest lists. The regular kind with smaller groups is fun though!

  15. I've never heard of this before....unless its the same as an "open house" type shower which I have heard of. I think you get your point across. Love the theme....unique and cute. During the last shower I hosted, many of the gals had to leave early and missed the opening of gifts. So I like that idea of opening gifts on the hour.

  16. I love the design of the invites - very cute! Could you make the "come and go at your convenience" a slightly larger font size? That way you're emphasizing that they aren't required to stay the whole time.

  17. I don't like "come and go" showers... I feel like anonymous said, it's more about just dropping the gift of and leaving.
    If a traditional shower is not convenient why not wait till the baby is born and host a "sip and see"? At least in that case, the guest gets to see the baby before they have to go.

  18. I'm with Liz and anonymous. I'd much rather sit through a day of weird games and precious Mommy moments than do the drop and go method.

    The only advantage to this method would be less stress for the host to accomodate fewer people through out the day rather than a lump sum at a certain time.

    I'd be curious to know if it was the mommy-to-be's idea or yours?

    If the guest list is horribly long, then I'd almost suggest breaking the shower up, such as having one party for the Mother's side of the family and then another for the Father's side, if it can be divided up that way.

    I, personally, probably wouldn't go to a shower like this. I'd of course ship a gift over or wait until the baby was born and then visited with a gift. I don't see it as saving me time and boredom but rather the want of gifts w/o the stress of hosting a "real" shower.

  19. I meant to comment on the theme. While I don't love the invitation, manly the color, I think the point you're hoping to make is clear. I'd much prefer a softer "baby" blue. :)

    Also, the mixing of uncapitalized letters with capitalized letters erks me beyond belief! I say either use correct puntunctation for all or none, not some. But that might just be me! :)

    Either way, I think it's great that you're asking for guidance. It's clear you're not 100% sure about this method either.


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