Halloween luminaries for (practically) free

All over Pinterest I have seen numerous versions of cute little Halloween luminaries made from jars.  In a stroke of complete non-genius and unoriginality, I made some, too. 

They're upcycled jars of various shapes and sizes, painted a solid color on the inside with details painted onto the outside.  Easy peasy, right?  And you most likely don't have to buy anything to make some of these.  In fact, your kiddos could do it.

I used a fine point sharpie for the finer details.  

My favorite happens to be this young Frankenstein.  He's kinda cute.

Why not polish off that jar of green olives and make some cute luminaries, too?  Mmmm.  Or perhaps some delicious bread and butter pickles. 

I'm feeling more luminaries coming on before the big day!

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  1. Those are super cute!

  2. The Frankenstein is my favorite too..he's got such a cute face!

  3. What kind of paint did you use? Is there a certain kind that's best used to ensure that it's non-flammable?

  4. website is not the for weak-hearted, do you have what it takes?

  5. check this out lol, I can't believe these games are free


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