Real candy corn is terrible. Crocheted candy corn is awesome!

My love of amigurumi is in opposition to my very nature.  I don't like stuffed animals, I'm somewhat morally opposed to even the cutest of tchotchke and I really don't like tedious crafts.  But I LOVE amigurumi.  Ahh.  Amigurumi.

amigurumi candy corn

For no particular good reason, I made some amigurumi candy corn.  I really don't like candy corn, but it just seemed like the right thing to do.  (How many more things can I list in this post that I don't like?  Mayonnaise, Starbucks, bullies, seams in socks, artificial sweeteners, science fiction... yeah, I could keep going.)

Candy Corn Amigurumi

But as much as amigurumi defies my nature and as much as I dislike candy corn--aren't these little guys so cute?

candy corn

They were made using this free pattern from Lion Brand Yarn.

Junebug has been stuffing them into her pockets and you should hear how cute it sounds when she says "candy corn".

I'm thinking that we're going to pass these little candies out to the babies at church.  Junebug is going through the "mine!" phase of toddlerhood and so in the spirit of breaking that disgusting "MINE!" habit (yeah, it seriously makes me crazy) I think it will be quite nice to have her assist in giving a few small toys to others.  Maybe it'll go well, maybe it won't.  We'll see.  Either way, we're going to give a few things to others and see what we accomplish.

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P.S.  If you can crochet but have never tried amigurumi, this candy corn pattern is a great one to start with.

P.P.S.  THANKS for voting for my cowl @ the Maybe Matilda crochet along.  I came in third place and won some fabulous crochet patterns!  (Read about the winners here.)


  1. CUUUUTE! I've never tried anything amigurumi before!! .. it looks too scary and intimidating :S

  2. I LOVE them! I've been wanting to make myself some little crocheted candy corns, too, but it's looking like that is going to go on the list of things I had good intentions for and never finished. Ah well. Yours are adorable! (And I don't like real candy corn either . . . unless it's mixed with salted peanuts. Have you tried that? Pretty dang tasty!)

  3. So cute! And congrats on 3rd, girl!

  4. Cute corn. Apparently E doesn't share your dislike for candy corn though. ;)

  5. I so agree. Candy corn is a love it or hate it thing. I'm a hater :) but I love the fake corn!

  6. Love the sweet stuff and love those little cuties you made. How fun and festive they are.

  7. Congratz at coming in third at the cowl crochet along! :)


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