I am SO Liz Lemon.

I had every intention of being Mary Poppins while trick-or-treating with my little shark.  But being Mary Poppins requires rosy cheeks, a cheery disposition and wearing stockings and heels.  I just wasn't up for it.

liz lemon costume

So I did what any crazy awesome momma would do.  I threw on a plaid shirt, my glasses, and a name tag that said "Liz Lemon".  Boo yah.  There's my costume.  AND I got to wear jeans.

t being liz

Liz Lemon and I are kindred spirits.  We love to eat, we're rule followers, we're socially awkward and we both constantly call people nerds.

For your reading pleasure, here's one of my favorite Liz Lemon quotes:

(Video advice for Jack's unborn baby)

"Good afternoon, let’s jump right in. Every human has hair on his or her face, some of us just have more. I think it’s nice to occasionally splurge on a straight-razor shave. If you’re running low on laundry a bathing suit makes perfectly acceptable underwear. Bandanas are a fun, sexy fashion accessory."

Tina Fey, you are brilliant and I love you.  Want to be BFFs?


  1. Haha...I love that quote! And you make a fantastic Liz!

  2. Haven't seen you but would like you:)Main thing it was fun:)

  3. hahaha I love it! Have you read Bossy Pants yet? If not I highly recommend the audiobook. Normally I'm all about reading but Tina reading it just adds a whole other level to the hilarity!

    A Sweet Release


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