simple spooky spiderwebs

Sometimes the best crafts are the simplest.  Sometimes the simplest crafts are the best.  I love crafts that anyone can do--limited budget, limited time, limited craft supplies... if you fit into any of those categories, this one's for you.

All you need to make some simple spooky spiderwebs is black cardstock or any thick black paper, a white crayon and an exacto knife.  

I'll let the pictures do the explaining...

spiderweb 4 step

Sure does beat buying those fake cobwebs to hang up in your house, right?  (Ok, ok, so I bought some of those, too.)  I feel satisfied when I can add holiday flair to my home and a.) spend little to no money and b.) not have to store stuff 11 months out of the year.  Seriously, I'll just toss these and make a few more next year.  If you're one of those super-organized types that I envy, I'll bet you have a file folder you can tuck these away in for safe keeping until next year.  Good for you. 

Paper spiderwebs

These webs required no effort other than to stick them in the thin space between the frames and glass of various pictures I have around the house.  No tape required, which is great since I can never seem to find my tape.

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  1. These are super cute! and so easy! I am sooo going to make some for my windows...thanks for sharing!

  2. What a creative and clever idea! Thanks for sharing the how-to! :)

  3. Ooooh, I love this idea! Thanks!

  4. We met today at the Halloween party- (I am owl's mom!) I am sorry I didn't properly introduce myself- it was owl's first time trick-or-treating, and she was a handful running around like a crazy girl! I love your blog!

  5. @Anonymous (aka Owl's Mom) - Thanks for stopping by! I definitely didn't properly introduce myself, rather just caught you off guard by asking to photograph your child. Sorry! ; ) She was precious--look out for her costume (complete with pixellated face) this weekend (hopefully)!

    I'm Tristin, by the way, and I'm a craftaholic. It has been 3 hours since my last craft.

  6. It was nice to meet you! I have dabbled in various crafts, but most recently have used my precious spare moments (naptime!) for sewing.


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