Welcoming a new member of the family...

Here she is:

Sewing Machine 033

Betcha didn't know I was expecting, huh?  Hehe.  I definitely wasn't expecting this lovely piece of machinery--but the very same day that I was out buying furniture without my husband's consent, he was doing the same for me. 

Sharon and I both celebrated our birthdays a few weeks ago (our birthdays are one day and a few years apart) and this was my gift from James.  And I am in LOVE.

James researched sewing machines to death (he researches everything for days/weeks/months and sometimes years before purchasing, I kid you not) and after being disappointed in the selection of "new" machines in his price range, he started to dig a little deeper.  Then he learned about the Singer 401A.  If you are looking for a great machine, consider the research DONE and start perusing Craigslist for a Singer 401A.

I could go on and on about the machine, but I'll just show her to you instead.  Oh, and we had one of our best ever Craigslist experiences with this purchase.  It was memorable and it makes the machine even more special to both of us.

My husband thinks of everything.  He found a machine with a cabinet so it would be convenient to use in my mini-office space in my bedroom.  (We have an office but I make it too messy, so I've been banished to a small corner of my bedroom.  I kid, I kid... Sort of.) The sewing machine cabinet fits perfectly into my little office corner where James mounted a monitor to the wall so I don't have to continually lift it on and off everytime I want to sew.

Sewing Machine 027

The table that folds out hovers right above our nightstand so we don't have to move any furniture.  It's practically perfect in every way!  I just fold out the table and pop the machine out, and Voila!  There's my crafting space!

Sewing Machine 033

See how easy the transition is?

Picnik collage

I may not be one of those lucky ladies with a room devoted to crafting, but I am pretty excited about my new crafty space!

Check back tomorrow to see what I've been making!


  1. That's so convenient! I really wish I had a better sewing space . . . my sewing machine is also our computer desk and my husband's study desk . . . it gets awfully crowded! Fingers crossed for my very own craft room someday ;-)

  2. Yay!! i'm excited for you! especially after i read your plea to Prudent Baby ;)

  3. Congratulations! I was able to sew on your machine and try it out before you bought it, my dear friend was the one who sold it. This is a great machine and you will love it! And by the way I have a son named Tristan.... couldn't believe it when I saw your name!

  4. One more thought... when your kids leave home you can take over a whole room! I have 4 sewing machines, a coverstitch and a serger set up in a room that was used by one of my kids who has grown up and left home.... I have two of the machines in cabinets and don't even bother putting them down, just cover them up when not in use... what luxury.

  5. Tell your hubby he did his research and found a gem! My mother is a professional seamstress and she has this machine. It has outlasted every 'new' machine she has been graced with. She uses this one almost extensively... this and her 1920 New Home (that once belonged to my grandmother) are her main machines for making gowns for senators' wives, draperies that are gracing some historic homes in D.C., etc... so your hubby picked a winner! Also, these machines can be repaired very easily and inexpensively... check with quilt shops and independent fabric stores if you ever need to have them looked at inexpensively. Usually they have retirees (men that have been working on these machines for years and like to tinker), that don't advertise in the yellow pages or newspaper but just have small fabric shops refer people to them. There is a retired veteran that maintains my mom's New Home each year for $20... the sewing machine store in the area wanted to charge her $100. Looking forward to see what beautiful creations you come up with!


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