2 Dollars + 2 Minutes = 2 Scarves

I can't remember the last time Sharon or I posted a full-on tutorial for a craft.  Have you been missing them, too? 

2 Minute Scarf 022

Today at Hobby Lobby, inspiration struck me when I found a 3/4 yard remnant of grey jersey fabric for $2.69.  Immediately, I thought "scarves!" because I have admittedly been a bit scarf-obsessed lately which is crazy considering it's still very much summer here in Florida. 

2 Minute Scarf 003

3/4 of a yard of jersey knit turned out to be the perfect amount of fabric for two scarves.  The supply list for this project is ridiculously short--jersey knit and scissors.  You can handle that, right?

2 Minute Scarf 005

Just lay your fabric out and cut it in half lengthwise. (I realize my fabric is folded incorrectly for this statement, but I folded it and then cut up the middle so I had less to cut.  Yes, I'm that lazy!)

2 Minute Scarf 007

Stretch your fabric pieces lengthwise and voila, you have scarves!  Knit fabrics are awesome because you can leave raw edges and they don't fray--tugging lengthwise on the fabric creates a nice "finished" look on your unfinished knit.

And because I like to explain things to death:

2 Minute Scarf 017

The fabric on the left is the cut but not-yet-stretched jersey.  The scarf in the center is complete--just the cut piece of jersey knit all stretched lengthwise.  The scarf on the right was just for a point of reference.

2 Minute Scarf 009

Don't forget to take an unflattering picture of your neck.  Then you're officially done.

2 Minute Scarf 022

I have seen SO many jersey scarves out and about lately and I've been tempted to buy them, but I can never bring myself to spend $10-$15 on a piece of long, skinny fabric. Sometimes it pays to be cheap. And as a bonus, when people compliment your scarf you can proudly say "I made it". Throw in a "boo-yah" if you feel like it. I definitely would.

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P.S.  I completed this craft while my toddler was awake.  So, yeah, it's really that easy.


  1. Honey, that folding trick isn't laziness. It's EFFICIENCY. Love these!

  2. Awesome! Perfect for fall.


  3. nice, easy idea! I love the way your hooks are framed also!

  4. Nice job! I tell myself that scarves are easy to make, but I still haven't done it. You are making me consider it again.

  5. Made it, wore it, AND threw in the boo-yah!

  6. Love it! And in our family, in addition to a "Boo ya" we throw in finger guns and jumping. It's a treat to see :)

  7. Love this, thank you! :)

  8. Brilliant! This is something even a fabric-store-fraidy-cat like me can get into. Thanks!

  9. This is way too easy not to do! Thanks for sharing!
    Girlfriends Are Like Shoes

  10. Love it. And explaining things to death? You're just conscientious. :0) Thank you.

  11. I did this and it works

  12. Cool idea!! Any chance you could share where you got those hooks from? I'd love to make a wall coat hanger like that!


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