Time Out Cowl (and Giveaway Winners)

I meant to share this a while ago, but one of my favorite bloggers, Rachel from Maybe Matilda is hosting a crochet along.  For all of you who have yet to know the joys of crochet, please, wait no longer!  The tutorials and advice she has offered along the way would be invaluable to a newbie--she's a great instructor. 

CAL Cowl 013

For this particular Crochet Along, readers voted to make the Time Out Cowl which is a free (and simple!) pattern offered by Lion Brand Yarn.

Time Out Cowl completed

I am in love with my cowl. I wore it to bed last night (no joke). Too bad I live in Florida where most days are in the mid nineties. Ughh. Can we please have a crisp Fall day soon??

Time Out Cowl

The pattern took no time to whip up, and while the original pattern says to make the cowl 54" long, I opted for 32" because it suits my small upper frame better. My "lower frame" is FAR from small. You may laugh, but it's true.  Very true.

You may be interested to know that I was able to use only one skein of Lion Brand Jiffy yarn (with a size K hook) to achieve my cowl.  Yay for a one skein project--only $2.79!  Be still my thrifty heart!

CAL Cowl 014

Do you like the length?  Here is the picture they share with the pattern.  Do you prefer the long length or the short?  In the end, it's a matter of personal preference.  (P.S. How does one photo shop bags out from under one's eyes?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Eh, worse things have happened.)

If you want to check out all the posts created by Rachel, click on the icon below.  You'll really enjoy it!

Also for those who are wondering, the Heidi and Finn pattern giveaway winners (selected by are comments number 24 and 28.

Heidi and Finn collage

# 24 Anonymous said...
I love that shop! I also need a coat for my daughter! Hope I win!
ashleigh(dot) kinsey(at) 
# 28 Rachel said...
Oh, this shop is too cute! Your jacket came out beautifully! I love the Urban Hoodie pattern--I'd love to make it for my little boy!

Ok, and in the interest of full disclosure, the Rachel who won is Rachel from Maybe Matilda.  I already had this post drafted and then went to to choose the numbers of the winners--I totally should have taken a screen shot to prove that this was purely coincidental!  Yeah, you may be thinking it sounds pretty sketchy, but scout's honor, it was random (and possibly just good karma).  Anyhow, congrats Ashleigh and Rachel!

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  1. Three cheers for crocheting (and winning giveaways)! I LOVE your cowl--it came out so beautifully! That color is superb. I swear, I felt confident in my own yarn color choice until I keep seeing everyone else's, and regardless of the color I think, "Dang, I should have done that color." I'm going to end up with a whole closet full of these cowls ;-) You did a great job! And I'm so excited I won the giveaway--the Heidi and Finn patterns are SO adorable! I love them all!

  2. Haha! That happened on my last giveaway. The winner was the newest member of my Flickr group, Christmas Block Swap. Maybe I should have put a disclosure on my post!!

  3. Oh, I totally like the shorter one you made better. Dang, now I guess I can throw a fit, I mean learn crocheting in the comfort of my own home with this lovely tutorial. ;) One day!

  4. Ooooo! I like! The short length looks better to me. I'm going to have to let my sisters know about this. They are crocheting queens!

  5. Love it. I like ths shorter length and the color. They both suit you. The shorter length also makes it seem more cozy too.

  6. Your cowl turned out awesome. I really love the color. Maybe I need another?

    (And I totally would make it short next time. I'm a stickler for following a pattern and it's just too darn long for my taste. Oh well, it looks cute doubled up. Next time, I'm going thrifty.)

  7. Love your cowl! The length and color are great :)

  8. Love this shorter version of the pattern. I made mine longer but I think I want to make a shorter one next.


  9. Love this length! Great job on the cowl. It's a very pretty color, too. Aaaaaaaaand your little wall hook to hang it on is lovely!

  10. I love your cowl - the colour is lush!

  11. I shortened mine, too. Looks perfect on you! I'm making another one I liked this project so much. I guess we both like teal .

  12. Your cowl looks so pretty! I love the length you made it!

  13. Su capucha es muy bonita y el color es muy favorecedor.

  14. I love your cowl what stitch is this called and can I make this on a knifty knitter thank you


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