Cozy Nook Transformation (And the Introduction of my Funktastic Modern Eclectic Cottage Style)

I have some good news and some bad news.  The good?  I've finally created a term to classify my home decor style.  The bad?  It's a mouthful.  Are you ready?

Here goes: Funktastic Modern Eclectic Cottage.

Aaah.  It feels so good to get it out there!  And to show you what I'm talking about, I'm going to share a recent transformation from my home.  It's my favorite cozy little nook.

Cozy corner b&a

As you can see, there's nothing hideous about the nook but it lacks funk.  And funk is a necessity for a Funktastic Modern Eclectic Cottage.  Ya feel me?

Cozy nook 001

It's just a bit one-dimensional.  I thought I'd fix the problem by updating the mirror to a bright yellow.

Cozy nook 007

The yellow mirror certainly brought some funk into the nook, but it was still lacking.  (P.S. The ribbon above the mirror is there for the sole purpose of hiding a hook that the previous homeowners placed in the wall.  Pathetic, I know, when you consider the fact that we've owned the home for over 5 years.)

Yellow framed mirror

See what I mean?

Cozy nook 011

So, I shopped through my home and found some fun artwork to cluster together.  I played with the pieces I chose on my dining room table until I found an arrangement that I liked.

Cozy nook 012

Then I moved the arrangement to the wall.  A laser leveler and painter's tape helped me accomplish the nice square-ish cluster that I desired.  I wanted there to be at least some structure to the placement of the pictures on the wall so my husband (who is my opposite when it comes to decor) wouldn't hate it and deem me an unfit homemaker.

Cozy nook 024

This cluster makes me SO happy.  You have no idea.  In a future post, I'll be sharing a bit more information about where the art pieces came from so if you have any questions, please ask away!!  I'll include an answer on my next post.

Cozy nook 018

So, here's my Funktastic Modern Eclectic Cottage cozy nook, completed.  Love!  I think a nice round area rug would do some good, but I'm not worried about that right now.  I'm just happy that this transformation was FREE other than the half-can of yellow spray paint that I used on the mirror.  Score!

Cozy corner b&a

Here it is again, in all its glory.  Thoughts?  Suggestions?  I'm all ears! 

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  1. I so wish I was able to decorate. My poor home is a few couches and a lamp. Nothing on the walls, nothing cute etc. I love your little corner.

  2. I LOVE the yellow pops! :) I think it looks awesome!

  3. The yellow mirror looks fantastic! I also liked how you used painter's tape to align the pictures on the wall. Great idea!

  4. A rug would be perfection here

  5. what's the black flowery framed thingy in the mirror's reflection? i have to know!


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